Warning: Potentially graphic images ahead.

I have to say, I think Gotham has finally found its groove! It took four seasons, sure, but they have found a method that makes this show one of the best DC shows I’ve seen! Don’t get me wrong, I love all the DC shows, the arrowverse shows – basically anything with a superhero has my heart. But Gotham has come a looooonnnggg way. Think about it. Season one was almost unbearably slow due to the introductions, season two was absolute chaos with all the monsters and new characters being forcibly thrust into the plot, and season three was them attempting to tie up the millions of loose ends that came with season two. But Season four? That’s where it’s at. Now, I know you’re probably all “But Charlie, why would I wanna sit through every bad season just for the good ones?” Because if I had to suffer for what I love, so do you.

Ivy's new plant

Ivy’s New Plant – Gotham – Fox


This particular episode was…phenomenal. It took some twists and turns I wasn’t expecting, and if you haven’t sat down to watch it yet, just know that I’m judging you. The main plot to the episode focuses on Ivy Pepper of course, who we’ve recently seen acquire some extremely unnatural powers circulating around plants. She targets the bar Harvey now works at, and when he finds out that she killed everyone in his workplace, he goes on the hunt – without Jim. Suspiciously, just hours later he calls Gordon with a lead, but what Jim doesn’t realize is Ivy has him under her spell. She commands Harvey to shoot Jim and then himself, before making some snarky comment about not being late. Naturally, Jim survives and knocks Bullock out. The duo quickly learn that Ivy plans to target the rich people attending the Wayne Foundation Fundraiser, and Jim gathers the police force to help. Naturally, she has a ton of goons helping her, and when her genocidal plan is interrupted, she leaves them to deal with the cops before cheesin’ it back to her apartment.

Bruce Gets shot

Shot BY the Sheriff – Gotham – Fox

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne himself tracks Alfred down and begs him to come back. Alfred explains that he won’t do so until Bruce proves himself. When Bruce publicly apologizes for the way he’d treated his surrogate father at the fundraiser, Alfred forgives him. Bruce’s elation quickly turns sour when his dadbutler tells him that he has to accept the darkness within him before he can be happy, and that doesn’t seem to be the thing Bruce wants to hear. However, when the attack happens and Alfred gets knocked unconscious, Bruce realizes he’s right. He takes out one of the goons, dons his outfit, and starts taking more out. Jim catches him, doesn’t realize it’s Bruce, and fires a shot at him. Thankfully, young mister Wayne is wearing a bulletproof vest, but still, he freaks out and runs.

Ivy returns to her penthouse to retrieve the last of the Lazarus Water, but she instead finds Selina Kyle, who is ready and willing to do what’s necessary to stop her. The duo fight it out, and when Selina destroys the last of the water, Ivy very nearly kills her. The two part ways though, after reminiscing on a time when they were friends.


We got us a standoff! – Gotham – Fox


Thankfully, we also get to see more about Oswald, Edward, and Lee. It seems Lee is being muscled by her sister-in-law to give up 30% of all the Narrows’ earnings. The Doc tries to explain that doing that would very literally starve everyone in her community, but Sofia won’t hear of it. Ed realizes The Riddler will always be part of him, and will always attempt to kill Lee, and so decides to take his own life. His alter ego stops him however, and admits that there’s another way to protect Lee without taking their own lives. By willfully joining Arkham Asylum, he will be able to live out his life without fear of hurting the woman he’s fallen in love with, but what he doesn’t know is that Oswald had sent a letter – originally addressed to Edward – with a secret message hidden for The Riddler. Cobblepot deciphers the riddle left behind by Ed’s alter-ego, and understands that if he speaks his name, The Riddler will be set free.

He's baaaack

The Riddler Returns – Gotham – Fox

Lee decides that she won’t give away 30%, but she will give something to Sophia that’s needed – Jim Gordon. When the two sit down to negotiate, Sophia tells her she doesn’t need Lee’s help, and that she’s taking the Narrows whether they want her to or not. Sophia’s men shoot Lee’s, and in walks the traitor who helped, Samson. With Sophia’s aid, he can now run the Narrows, and in a twisted turn of events, Sophia crushes Lee’s hand with a hammer. It’s honestly darker than I expected, especially where Lee’s story was concerned. Regardless, once Jim realizes what’s been done, he confesses everything to Bullock and begs for his help to take her down. The episode ends there, leaving us to wonder just how far Jim will go to avenge the pain Sophia has brought down on his city and the woman he loves.

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