Source: Hulu // The Mindy Project

There’s a lot going on in this one aerial shot, what’s all this stuff on the floor? where did it come from (Mindy has a small purse)? And does she always carry candy in her purse like I do?

In order to answer these questions, I’ve numbered the various items that can be seen & we’re gonna go through them to see what they are and who brought them in! FUN!

  1. Seems to be a bag of candy, like maybe gummy bears, definitely Mindy’s
  2. Meat stick, we know Mindy needs those for when she dreams she’s at the olympics
  3. I wanna say, chocolate covered almonds, maybe she thinks those are healthier – yes I’m assuming they’re Mindy’s
  4. Twisty lollipop – also Mindy’s, maybe she brought it for Leo to bite…can kids have candy idk
  5. I’m going with chocolate bar, also belonging to Min
  6. SOUR STRAWS!!!! Totally a Mindy thing that Danny also loves by morning time
  7. A blanket? Did she bring it for Leo? Or maybe he left it at the school…this definitely didn’t come from her Chanel.
  8. Mindy’s gorgeous patent leather quilted Chanel bag that I want to borrow one of these days
  9. Danny’s coffee cup that at this point probably has various bodily fluids in it that we will not talk about.
  10. Min’s gorgeous shoes
  11. More candy, possible the same candy as number 1.
  12. God I hope it’s a condom wrapper.