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Jasmine talks about Constantine Season Finale – Waiting For the Man

Source: IGN.com

I can honestly say I have incredibly mixed feelings about this season finale and I am not sure what I expected it to be like but it certainly wasn’t how the episode turned out. To be perfectly honest I feel like it was a tad bit rushed more
than anything and I think it would have been better if they would have aired it
as a double episode especially if it won’t be renewed because it would have
probably given us more of a sense of closure that way. But I’m getting ahead of
myself – let me start with a quick recap. In this episode the gang reunites
with Detective Jim Corrigan and they team up to help find a missing girl when
Corrigan realises there’s something supernatural about the case and seeks out
John to help him. It turns out that the young girl had been kidnapped by a Satanist
who takes young girls to wed them.

I know,
creepy right? I like this storyline because it’s inspired from the original
Hellblazer comics and I thought they did it quite well. The case is solved
quite quickly but it’s not over that easy, when Detective Corrigan shoots the
man and he quite obviously dies, Gary Lester (John’s old friend who was
possessed by a hunger demon) uses the dead body to warn John that there is a
bounty on his head by Papa Midnite. Whilst John is dodging Midnite’s henchmen,
Zed is reminded of the vision she had in New Orleans about Jim appearing dead
in front of her and tries to avoid it at every cost but eventually has to own
up to. So eventually John manages to deal with Midnite and when we think he’s
getting what he deserves as he’s taken away, Manny shows up and releases
Midnite from his handcuffs and Midnite, confused, asks Manny if he works for
the Brujaria when Manny grins at him and says “No. The Brujaria work for me.”


Source: IGN.com

I often don’t mind cliffhangers
but knowing that there’s very little chance that Constantine will be renewed
for a Season 2 makes this one frustrating. Whilst as a twist, I like that Manny
is now the villain, I also feel like it as just a bit out of the blue. I feel
like all of Manny’s actions up until this point suddenly make no sense. Why
even bother telling John about the Rising Darkness in the first place and ask
him to help if it was all for nothing? It does make me thing that there’s
something else to this which we don’t know and that makes it all the more
frustrating because if Constantine won’t get renewed, whether it is to SyFy or
Netflix or NBC we won’t find out and it’s such a shame because this is a show
with a lot of potential and I can’t understand why it hasn’t been doing as well
as I thought it would. Is it because it is too gritty and dark?

I know John Constantine isn’t
meant to be a hero, more than anything he’s an anti-hero and the only reason to
why he’s on this quest is to redeem himself from guilt over what happened to
Astra and I think that alone makes him a brilliant and unique character. There’s
hardly anyone like John Constantine in the DC universe and I think his story
deserves to be told in such a way that a TV series allows it to be. Matt Ryan
has done Constantine justice as a character whom is difficult to portray and I
have certainly immensely enjoyed this season and will be crossing all fingers
for any chance of a renewal. If you feel the same way and want a Season 2 there
are so many ways you can help by either streaming the episodes on NBC’s website
or watching on TV instead of tormenting it and use social media to express your
opinions like Twitter and even emailing NBC to bring it to their attention.
Either way I hope you have enjoyed this series as much as I have.

Source: NBC // Constantine

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