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Jasmine talks about Constantine S01E10 – Quid Pro Quo

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“You walked in here with a liar and a thief. You can ask all you want; I’ll never help John Constantine.”

I have to start with saying this has by far been one of my favourite episodes of Season 1. It’s been a little slow for a while I think but it certainly has picked up after Saint of Last Resorts. There’s still a few lose threads that need to be tied together but I think it’s all going in the right direction which is a nice development. I was worried for a while that things weren’t going to go as well as I wanted it to and in terms of getting renewed, that’s never a good thing for a show’s first season if things are slow. This episode starts with a mysterious hooded figure, chanting something in Latin on a rooftop. This is followed by a scene with a young girl playing with her dolls whom suddenly becomes possessed by some sort of black smoke which enters her bedroom through the chimney and the girl passes out.

Back at the safe house in Atlanta, John has been casting various different protection spells to keep Zed safe from further attack. To my surprise, Zed breaks all her previous secrecy and tells John the whole truth. We learn that the people who captured her the first time are a group of fanatic Christian cultists called the Resurrection Crusade and that the leader is Zed’s father. John believes her and tells her that the best way for her to keep safe is to keep staying with him and Chas at the safe house where they can protect her. It seems like John and Zed have developed some sense of trust and respect for one another and it also becomes quite evident that at least John probably fancies Zed a bit more than he’s willing to admit but personally I’m glad there’s no actual romance between them yet because I think it needs more time to develop for it to become believable to the viewers.

Whilst they’re having this conversation, the scrying map starts bleeding and shows that the next place where they need to be is New York. They decide to catch up with Chas on the way there as he’s already in that part of the country to visit his daughter as we find out he has some weekends where he has custody of her. This is where the episode takes an interesting and rather unexpected turn. When Chas gets to his ex-wife’s house, we find out that the girl who passed at the beginning of the episode is, in fact, Chas’ daughter and when he finds her unconscious he gets her to a hospital and meets up with John and Zed who arrive the next day. His daughter, Geraldine, is in some sort of coma and with some magical assistance John finds out that someone has stolen her soul and they need to find it in order for Geraldine to wake up again.

This episode is very Chas centric and contains a lot of flashbacks to his past. We find out that the reason to why Chas is always resurrected even after he’s been killed is because John cast a protection spell on him, supposedly used by Merlin back in the days of King Arthur. The result of this spell means that Chas basically can die 47 times before he runs out of lives and we find out that this incident is part of the reason to why Chas’ marriage eventually ended and he lost full custody of their daughter.

To find out who is responsible for the stolen soul, they seek out an old ‘friend’ of theirs going by the name of Fennel and have a séance to summon Geraldine. It works until Fennel, the  medium, is possessed by something else, an entity that claims to know John personally even though John seems to be confused as to whom it could be.

Source: comicbook.com

“Boy, you create magic by accident and insolence while the truly devoted sweat and toil with no reward.”

With a bit of luck and research, they find out that the person responsible for the stolen soul is a mage John once knew by the name of Felix Faust who has been working with a demon who seems to have backed out on the deal they made. John strikes a deal with Faust and tells him that if he helps him get rid of the demon, Faust in turn has to promise to give back Geraldine’s soul. This of course doesn’t go as smoothly as planned because Faust does back out on his word, however, towards the end of the episode Chas makes a different deal with Faust and sacrifices his own life to safe his daughter. Faust of course doesn’t know that Chas will be resurrected and at the end of it all, eventually Geraldine and all the other people whose souls have been lost wake up.

In general, I really enjoyed this episode. It was different and more personal to what the others have been so far. I feel like Chas, John and Zed are becoming not just a team but a bit of a family of sorts as they all seem to care for each other now. They’ve gone from being really sceptic to Zed to just accepting her as part of their group and that’s a nice development. Various story arcs are developing her as well, we’ve got the resurrection crusade which I cannot wait to see more of. We’ve got the rising darkness and part of me can’t help but to wonder if maybe the rising darkness and the resurrection crusade are working together somehow? Either way, I definitely enjoyed the pace of the this episode and how fun it was. Certainly a nice change from some of the episode earlier this season and I’m hoping this keeps up. I also liked how we saw more of the friendship between Chas and John and how it feels like they’re not just friends but more than anything almost brothers who have been there for each other through a lot. I am most definitely looking forward to next week.

Source: Comicbook.com

“Whichever way you choose mate, I’m with you every step of the way.”

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