How far would you go to fit in? That is the question, Liza Anonymous, a short film that premiered at the Tribecca Film Festival asks. And it shares how Liza answers it. 

A lonely millennial, Liza goes to support groups and pretends to be a different person to make a connection. She is British in one group, has tattoos in another. She goes to Overeaters Anonymous, Sex Addicts Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous, and a few you might not be aware of. 

As much as Liza is abusing the anonymous element, she is hurting. In 12 minutes, you find yourself wanting to learn more about what led her to this point. The plot thickens when she risks getting found out by others. 
And believe me, there are some really funny, laugh-out-loud lines in the short film. Like this one from a sex addict: “When you stop watching porn, you suddenly have a lot of free time on your hands. I could probably cure cancer.”

I spoke with Liza herself, actress and producer, Danielle Beckmann and co-producer, Katie Rosin about their short film. 

They explained they were interested in having an unlikable female protagonist. The writer, Leah McKendrick wrote Liza for Danielle, an isolated and hurt character who has knack for playing different people. 

Beckmann didn’t feel the need to do research or to go to anonymous groups. Like Liza, she is only mimicking and creating personas so she went with it and it comes out authentically awkward, sad and hilarious. 

Most of the crew were female, especially the director, writer, and producers. I asked if they found a difference than in a male dominated set. Beckmann explained, “There is a subtle but noteworthy shift. I think women run generally on a more nurturing side.” 

Rosin agreed with her and the feeling of collaboration was embraced and encouraged. Their hope is that this short film will turn into a series where we can explore more of Liza. It has happened before. The show, Unreal started as a short film and then picked up for four seasons first on Lifetime and then on Hulu. 

If you are like me, you will be on board to see more but for now, check out Liza Anonymous.