Source: Killtoy // thegameofnerds

I’m going to start off with the good:

It has really smooth gameplay, and the dynamic between the ranged Humans and melee Vampires was really interesting and I think they incorporated that well.

The maps were complex, allowing for a lot of really nice ambushes, and places to hide/climb. Being able to completely use the terrain to your advantage was really cool.

The world was brutal and bloody, something I generally prefer, and I feel everything tied together really nicely.

Now, onto the not-so-good. First, Nosgoth is not really for me. It’s a straight up PvP game and that’s about it. Other people like these kinds of games a lot, like the friend I drug with me to the Free Weekend, but I personally prefer games that have a greater purpose than just bashing the other dude’s head in. But that’s just me.

I also like character customization in MMORPGs, or at the very least being able to choose my character’s gender, because I see characters as a representation of the gamers behind them, but Nosgoth doesn’t have that, at least yet.

I also feel that they need to work on their match up system. My team, which comprised of three level 1s and one level 3, were matched up against a level 9, level 8, and level 7. This doesn’t say much for their health or strength, but more for their experience. They knew how to play their characters and classes, so we, a really low level and inexperienced group, got owned, especially since one of the opposing team had purchased the Sentinel class and liked to pick us up and chuck us into his buddies.

So those are my thoughts and feelings. If you like simply watching your enemy explode into chunks, this is the game for you!

All in all, a really good FTP, PvP game coming out this year for the PC.