In the past we have talked about the use of conversions, and kit-bashing to create unique miniatures for your Warhammer 40k armies. Many third parties manufacture, and sell third party bits for the purpose of creating unique miniatures, however many of these third parties also manufacture and sell proxy miniatures. Proxies are miniatures that can be used in place of official models. Proxies are not usually allowed in Games Workshop, and they are mostly not allowed in official tournaments, but there is no issue when it comes to playing with friends.


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Many of the third parties which produce bits for conversions also manufacture proxies. These proxies range from large scale miniatures such as Daemon Princes, to infantry models such as Imperial Guard. Adding proxies to your army, in combination to using kit-bashed figures can allow to create a more unique army, instead of continuing to use the same figures as everyone else. Again, Games-Workshop, some hobby stores, and most tournaments will not allow the use of proxies, so keep that in mind before making a large portion of your army based around proxy minis.

Anvil Industry

Anvil Industry is by far one of my favorite brands in miniature wargaming. I often buy bits from Anvil Industry for kit-bashing, but have also bought full models for the use of proxy units. They have several different lines, such as their Exo-Lords (which are currently limited, as they are in redesign), and Imperial Guard. Anvil Industry miniatures are cast from resin, as opposed to the plastic used in most Games-Workshop products. Anvil Industry models are also great quality, with a lot of fine detail. Only thing is, Anvil Industry focuses predominantly on Human models, so if you run a filthy xenos army, then there is nothing for you here.

Anvil Industry is the best if you are an Imperial Guard player as they have a large selection of bits under their “Regiments” line. This line gives players a large selection of torsos, heads, arms, legs, and accessories which allow users to make their favorite Imperial Guard Regiment.


If you play traitor Astartes or Orks, then boom! Kromlech. Kromlech makes amazing bits with great detail. They sell proxies for Tarantula sentry guns, Orks, and Chaos Space Marines. I have several 5th edition Ork Models, many of which had become damaged from years of use. To repair a lot of these older Orks I used Kromlech bits, which fit the aesthetic of Games-Workshop Orks perfectly. The only problem with Kromlech bits is that they are just ever so slightly off scale. Considering the size difference between Orks in the pecking order of a Waaagh!! it really makes no difference though.

Wargame ExclusiveWargame Exclusive

Wargame Exclusive has a wide range of models to use as proxies. In fact Wargame Exclusive proxies are so true to the models they proxy that they are basically on the verge of copyright infringement. This is specially true for the Chaos and Tau Empire proxies. The quality of these models is also incredibly good. All models are incredibly detailed. The only issue I have with Wargame Exclusive is their obvious pandering to the more….uh… lonely parts of the community with two versions of a Saint Celestine proxy, one of them topless. If that floats your boat, fine, but I prefer my combatants to be fully armored when rushing into battle.

Some of my favorite models from this supplier are the Tau Empire proxies, and the Chaos proxies. Considering that the Abaddon the Despoiler Model from Games-Workshop has not been updated in years, I think I would actually prefer to field Wargaming’s proxy versus the official model. This is due to it’s high level of detail, and refreshing redesign which still fits the Warhammer 40k aesthetic.

Creature Casters

This company creates large scale miniatures to proxy for Daemon princes above all. Many of the Daemon prince models on Games-Workshop and Forgeworld look amazing, even though some of them have not been updated in a while. Despite the quality of the official models, I still want to have some variation. It just kind of bugs me to have Daemon prince of Khorne, battling a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, which are just the same model painted in two different color palettes. These resin cast models are very detailed, and have daemons to cover all the forces of chaos, this includes a Lord of Malice, the fifth Chaos God. In fact the Lord of Malice was the model that first got me into this company due to the amazing detail of the model. Considering that there are no models currently dedicated to Malice in the official Games-Workshop stores it’s great to have a place where we can find a model dedicated to the fifth, best, and most interesting God of Chaos.

The Slaanesh models have bare breasts, several pairs of them, so maybe don’t buy them for your kids?


These are definitely not the only places to get proxies, however these are my favorites. What are your favorites? Leave it down in the comments.