Spoiler-Free Reviews: Halt and Catch Fire – I/O

  • The series premier starts with paragraph describing the original Halt and Catch Fire(HCF) on a monochromatic monitor.
  • Being a child of the late 80’s, growing up in Silicon Valley with a father that is an electrical engineer; this brought back a few memories.
  • We learn about each character a little before the first commercial break(boy do I LOVE AMC).
  • I spent most of my time thinking about where they got all the props aka OLD computers and tech.
  • There is nothing like understanding a vague backstory before a show happens. I prefer things that are based off reality so I can follow on a actual storyline in my head.
  • Mackenzie Davis as Cameron Howe is sassy and I love it.
  • They already have a handy hashtag that I plan on using in daily life #HCF

I see great things in this shows future and I am happy that AMC bought it.

xoxo Nicole

“Control of the computer could not be regained”

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