Source: Shannon // The Game of Nerds

Last week was crazy to say the least and my iPhone buttons decided they no longer wanted to work. So I stopped by my local Apple Store to have it replaced. After spending 1 hr in Los Gatos and being frustrated beyond belief, I trekked over to the Valley Faire Apple Store to see if they could be of more help. I’m am so glad I did.

I met the most wonderful man named John at the Genius Bar! He noticed I was a huge fan of Doctor Who. I don’t know how he knew, but I’m pretty sure my phone cover, background, and laptop totally gave it away.  John asked if I was a Browncoat, which we all know is like it’s own secret cult. I said “Of Course!” and that’s when he showed me this!

This is a Browncoat Challenge Coin from Mal’s Unit! This thing is absolutely beautiful and has so much attention to detail! I was in awe just holding it. I spent a wonderful 45 minutes having a nerd chat with John about some of our favorite things including Will Wheaton and google eyes. As I was about to leave, John handed me his coin. I kept saying I couldn’t take it, but he insisted. He said I had to google “Challenge Coin Lore” and share with all of you. So here is some information on Challenge Coin Lore, its very interesting to read especially if you know nothing about it.

If you ever are in Valley Faire, please stop by and say hi to our friend John at the Genius Bar. Tell him you are from The Game of Nerds and you loved his coin. He sincerely made my week and put a giant smile on my face.  I do enjoy when nerds meet each other. It always makes the world a better place when there is more nerd love to spread around.

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