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Legion: S02E11 “Chapter 19” Review

Chapter 19 signifies the end one type of show, and the beginning of another. David as a full on villain is rife with possibilities. We already know that the world is going to end in 3 years, but how do we get there? This is the end of David’s show. Welcome to Legion.

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Legion: S02E10 “Chapter 18” Review

It’s very interesting to not know what’s going to happen next, it could be a happy ending, or with the power of these mutants, everything could end with a snap!

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Legion: S02E09 “Chapter 17” Review

Wait, wait, wait… Where the hell has Melanie been all season?

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Legion: S02E06 “Chapter 14” Review

Here’s a vague, slow, methodical, parallel universe episode involving many David’s in many branching timelines that is all brilliantly used as an allegory for grief. Also, it’s great, because of course it’s great.

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Legion: S02E05 “Chapter 13” Review

“Apparently on Legion.” Is the first line of this episode.

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Legion: S02E04 “Chapter 12” Review

This might be one of my favorite episodes.

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Legion: S02E03 “Chapter 11” Review

The problem with being told that we can’t trust anything we see is that we can’t trust anything we see.

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Legion: S02E02 “Chapter 10” Review

Reality is that which when you stop believing in it, it doesn’t go away.

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Legion: S02E01: “Chapter 9” Review

Legion is a show where literally anything could happen, and it would be acceptable, but the brilliance of this show is that the anything that happens has a reason.

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