November is in full swing, so it is almost time for American Thanksgiving. As someone who loves everything pumpkin pie and stuffing-related, I wanted to find a game to fit the mood. What is the main decoration for Thanksgiving? A bountiful cornucopia full of gourds, fruits, and vegetables. After some digging, I found a farming sim that fits the bill. Without further ado, I am excited to share Cornucopia with my fellow virtual farmers.

Cornucopia‘s Story

Cornucopia is a 2.5D farming sim that takes place in the town of Cornucopia. After being frozen in a cave for an undisclosed amount of time, the player is saved by local villagers. Amnesia has set in, and you are offered a small farm to start your new life. Here, you will plant crops, care for animals, make friends, and fall in love. In the end, adventure awaits you in this wholesome story.

What Makes Cornucopia Unique

  • Get down and dirty with the land.
    • There are 66 vegetables, 60 fruit trees, 15 berry bushes, and 22 types of trees.
    • Allows for customization of your harvest.
  • Players can raise animals and race them in mini-games.
  • Enhance your crops with composting.
    • Uses an NPK compost system.
  • 200 food-related recipes to cook.
  • Fishing mini-game mechanics.
  • Home upgrades and expansions.
    • There are three home upgrades, several farm building upgrades, and more.
  • Level up skills to be an even better farmer.
  • Trading card system used in-game.
  • Make friends with over 50 NPCs and fall in love with one of 32.
  • Action-packed animal and item auctions.
  • Boss battles.
  • 97 Steam achievements.
  • And so much more!

Thoughts on Cornucopia

As I was researching Thanksgiving-related video games, I came across Cornucopia. As a devout virtual farmer, I knew I had to dive deeper. The Steam page for this title did not have much to go off regarding the storyline. Therefore, I went in relatively blind. However, that made my time playing the demo even more special.

I made my green-haired Paige and was ready for a farming adventure. What I was not prepared for was the opening scene. I am unsure what I thought the circumstances behind my receiving this farm would be, but I did not expect to be encased in ice. I admit it, I giggled. There has been a shift in indie developers moving away from the dead grandfather trope for players to get their farm. Ultimately, this is the most exciting reason for owning a farm yet. How long was I in the cave? Will I ever know? I am unsure, but I cannot wait to find out.

The graphics are adorable, and 2.5D is slowly becoming my new favorite. The characters I have been introduced to are charming and memorable. I am also curious to know more about this card trading system and how it will play into future gameplay. Overall, I am captivated by this demo and cannot wait to see where the devs take this story.

Odds & Ends

In conclusion, I adore Cornucopia. While there is no complete release date, it is currently in early access. There is also a demo available on Steam at the time of writing. If you want to learn about more farming sims, I suggest my article on Echoes of the Plum Grove. Ultimately, I look forward to seeing where this title’s story goes and am excited for the full release.