Villains make everything better.  They make the stories they’re in, elevate and make the stories better and make them memorable.  That notion is a huge factor to why Batman stories are regrading as some of the best in the comic book genre.  The Joker simply needs to be in a story to heighten it or just that particular scene.  Other villains are treated with an absolute care and passion to the point where they ascend to new, terrifying levels.  Case in point, The Riddler in Matt Reeve’s The Batman.  Many of his enemies are vital in their own worth and steal the spotlight.  They each go after him in their own way.  Which makes the Dark Knight versatile and ready for many types of threats.  Yet, which Marvel villains could give him a fight?

Source: Kingpin on Netflix YouTube Channel by Charles Torres

Batman has his battered experience with crime lords, but Kingpin provides a different avenue.  Wilson Fisk has many of the same attributes as Salvatore Maroni and Carmine Falcone.  All are ruthless enough to gain the attention of law enforcement but strong enough to only be brought down by someone of their caliber or beyond.  Yet, Kingpin has an aspect that Maroni and Falcone do not; physical strength.  Kingpin does not hide behind the strength of his men nor the strength of his reputation.  He rather go after his enemies personally and physically.  Kingpin has the strength to toss around strong opponents like Spider-Man and Daredevil.  With the strength, smarts, and political ties, Kingpin is a formidable foe for Batman.

Source: Taskmaster on Marvel Entertainment YouTube Channel by Charles Torres

Batman is considered one of the best combatants in the DC universe but what if that fighting style was aimed back at him?  Taskmaster is considered one of the best combatants in the Marvel universe due to his abilities to copy fighting skills of the other combatants in Marvel.  He is so lethal with this ability, he sets his sights on the entire Avengers team.  He also has weapons and tools that make him that much deadlier.  Another characteristic that amps up the deadly factor, he wants to prove he is the best by beating others in a physical fight.  Batman will be a huge benchmark for Taskmaster to clear to prove that.  Granted, Batman has fought individuals like this such as Ra’s al Ghul, Lady Shiva, Deathstroke, and Red Hood but in a fight with Taskmaster, he, in a sense, is fighting himself.  Batman has many plans to take out enemies, but what plans does he have to bring himself down?

Source: Carnage on Sony Pictures Entertainment YouTube Channel by Charles Torres

Many, twisted and pure evil humans have crossed paths with Batman.  Many monsters as well.  So, Carnage will be an all-in-one package for Batman. This fight could be set up when Carnage was Cletus Cassidy, a deranged serial killer.  His actions could go beyond the control of the GCPD and gain the attention of Batman who eventually locks him up.  This could start a searing hatred for Batman.  So once Cassidy becomes Carnage, he has the abilities to go after and possibly kill Batman.  Carnage could bring the insanity that The Joker has, the wild superpowers of Clayface and the animalistic tendencies as Killer Croc.  Even though Batman could possibly figure out Carnage’s weaknesses are fire and loud sounds, Carnage is more than capable to overcome it.  This is a threat that could become a force of nature of some kind.  A threat that Batman has experience dealing with but for that to originate in his own birthplace, will cause hatred toward Carnage something that a sociopathic Carnage may relish in. 

Source: Doctor Doom on Marvel Entertainment YouTube Channel by Charles Torres

Many elements make up the DNA of Batman like intelligence, wealth, grit, determination, authority, and well-roundness.  That makes up Doctor Doom’s DNA as well.  Doctor Doom has not only learned sciences and magic and witchcraft, but have mastered them.  In any situation with anybody, Doom always ensures he is the best person in that room.  Not only the smartest, but the best.  He sets out plans to guarantee he comes out as the victor, even if that means being cutthroat and heartless.  From androids to access to other dimensions, Doom wants to have every tool on the table for him.  To say he is well prepped is an understatement.  When someone tries to outwit him, Doom will outwit them.  If someone tries to physically beat him, Doom will physically beat them.  If someone tries to outpower him, Doom will outpower them.  Many of the things Doom he has does, Batman is somewhat familiar with it.  Batman has fought many like him but Doctor Doom is an eerie copy of him which at the same time, much different than him.  Yet, if in a fight of wits, wealth, and power Batman will be seeing an offset, murky image of himself.

Source: Hydra badge on Marvel Entertainment YouTube Channel by Charles Torres

Batman has fight different foes in different forms including evil organizations but H.Y.D.R.A. has more layers than he may give them credit for initially.  Corruption is something the Dark Knight has familiarity with.  Gotham itself is corrupted on many of its layers.  It’s something he has to fight constantly.  But what if that corruption was more global? H.Y.D.R.A. is a global, political, militaristic cult that has their claws in every nation at all levels.  No one is truly off the book for them to recruit.  If someone has the belief to weaken the world so they are the ones strong enough to be left standing to govern, H.Y.D.R.A. will side with them.  They want their tactics to be covert, behind closed doors as much as they can.  Plant their seeds of destruction carefully.  Corruption, blackmailing, mysticism, mad science, and military power are all a part of their arsenal.    Once Batman detects the first clue than a global evil cult is behind many of the world’s downfalls, his detective skills will be heavily relied on.  And since anyone could be a part of Hydra his trust will be limited.  Allies, from Alfred to Superman, will be looked at carefully.  For a man that is paranoid, his mentality will be the best weapon for this job but also the biggest liability.

Batman never backs away from a fight.  From Zsaz to Darkseid, Batman will always do his best to overcome the enemy in that moment and in the future.  It’s what makes him, him.  Many villains – and heroes – have done their best to defeat him but many of them have seen him standing at the end.  Marvel villains have done their share of terrible acts to garner the attention of a man who has fought men, monsters, and gods as a mortal man himself.  Many of these villains have a chance to do what few have; bring down the Bat.  They have the abilities but then again, they have to face The Batman.