In the ever-expanding world of the Souls-like genre, where challenging gameplay and dark, intricate narratives reign supreme, “Lies of P” emerges as a unique standout. Drawing inspiration from the classic story of Pinocchio, this game takes a familiar and beloved tale and twists it into a gritty, blood-soaked adventure.

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The Dark and Twisted Narrative

At its core, “Lies of P” reimagines Carlo Collodi’s Pinocchio, the story of a mischievous puppet yearning to become a real boy. However, this game’s interpretation takes some daring liberties, transforming the once whimsical tale into a haunting and gruesome narrative. As you venture through its dark world, you’ll encounter various characters and situations similar to the original story but with a much heavier and more sinister tone.

One notable aspect of the storytelling in “Lies of P” is the inclusion of a moral choice system, where players must decide whether to tell lies or the truth. These choices impact the adventure’s outcome, adding an intriguing layer of complexity to the narrative. While the Souls-like genre isn’t typically known for its straightforward storytelling, “Lies of P” offers substantial dialogue and cutscenes that engage players and provide a more immersive narrative experience.

Engaging and Innovative Gameplay

In terms of gameplay, “Lies of P” excels in delivering a combat system inspired by the acclaimed “Bloodborne.” It encourages an aggressive playstyle, where players must master the art of swift attacks and well-timed parries to overcome challenging foes. The combat is finely tuned, ensuring that battles are challenging and immensely satisfying.

What truly sets “Lies of P” apart is its weapon-crafting system. Players can disassemble, mix, and match various weapon components, resulting in unique and sometimes absurd combinations. Want to attach a giant saw blade to a rapier’s handle for a fencing-style attack? Go for it. This system adds depth and creativity to the gameplay, allowing players to tailor their weapons to their preferred playstyle.

However, “Lies of P” faces some challenges with its balance in difficulty. While regular encounters and bosses are generally manageable, certain boss fights can become incredibly tough, presenting a stark contrast. Additionally, the choice of character build significantly impacts the gameplay experience, with some builds offering a notably easier path than others.

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“Lies of P” captivates players with its gripping narrative and exceptional music. The game stands out in the Souls-like genre, especially for those seeking a darker take on a beloved classic. With its unique blend of storytelling and engaging gameplay, “Lies of P” is a game that manages to breathe new life into an age-old tale, inviting players to explore the twisted world of Pinocchio like never before.

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