I don’t know about you, but I am GLAD that summer is FINALLY over! And maybe it has to do with the fact that I am a “The Grinch, Polar Express & Charlie Brown Christmas” FANATIC but besides that, it was just EXTREMELY hot this summer. I was gonna melt.

While I did not spend most of my time outdoors in the scorching heat, I did find myself frequently visiting the movie theaters and I was not the only one. The theaters were PACKED OUT and I could not even complain. The releases this summer were OTHERWORLDLY.

Let’s dive into my TOP 3 movies of Summer 2023.

#3: The Little Mermaid

I know, this movie received plenty of mixed reviews from audiences but in all honesty, the way Disney has been KILLING the CGI game is absolutely ludicrous, I mean come ON! It’s as if we were transported right into the ocean.

Taking the crazy visuals and animation while simultaneously mixing that with a classic story and creating an entirely new narrative for POC is something unheard of and I loved it. Granted, I never learned how to swim, so me and Ariel wouldn’t be the BEST of friends but I’d watch the movie 2 more times if I could.

#2: Transformers: Rise of the Beasts

The Transformers franchise has always had me in a chokehold but when I saw that they were gonna be incorporating some sort of insanely cool battle with a robotic animal kingdom into their already vast catalog, I knew I had to snag a ticket.

The cast is so well put together and complimentary, I swore I was watching the Avengers assemble. (Then realized I had yet to see Chris Hemsworth shirtless and snapped back to reality.) I also enjoyed how there was this High School Musical “We’re All in this Together” moment at the end when the Autobots and Maximals claimed Earth as their new home and became this big family. Gotta love technology.

And at #1: Spider-Man: Across the Spiderverse

Now, I am the biggest Spider-Man fan ever and I RAVED when I saw they were FINALLY releasing a sequel to the original 2018 film.

When I went to the midnight screening on opening night, I was in such a haze of excitement that I couldn’t even GRASP everything in the film. So what do I do? I go and watch it again. That is when I realized how great the film was. From the story line, to the character development of Miles and Gwen, I could not get enough. With the introduction of so many new characters within the SpiderVerse, can you say INCLUSIVITY!? From the different cultures to how they put a pregnant Spider-woman on a MOTORCYCLE? Bonkers. The movie turned out to be greater than I could have anticipated.

And so I went to see it in theaters once more for pure enjoyment because it’s Spider-Man, hello?

This summer was an unprecendented season of blockbusters. I honestly had a tough time choosing these three. We can only hope that the directors and producers keep this momentum going as we wrap up 2023.

I guess we’ll just have to hit the theaters and see for ourselves.

Until next time, keep nerding. Be safe.