If you missed my last 20 Questions article on 80s and 90s after-school cartoons, you can find it here.

I hope you’re ready for another round of trivia because I am back with more. I have The Scary Godmother. My kids loved it, especially my middle kid. For those who don’t know, The movies are set during Halloween and center around Hannah, her cousin Jimmy, and Halloween antics. It’s really cute, just like Scary Godmother. She is very adorable in her witch hat and purple and green tights. If you know what I am talking about, let’s see how well you score. For those of you who don’t come along for the read and, maybe you’ll take a chance on it. Let’s go!

1 Who is Hannah’s cousin?

2 Where does Hannah travel to?

3 Where does Jimmy trick Hannah to go into only to abandon her?

4 What are the names of Jimmy’s schoolmate friends?

5 What costumes did Hannah wear in the movies?

6 Who is Scary Godmother?

7 What is the Frightside?

8 Who does Scary Godmother live with?

9 How did Scary Godmother meet Hannah?

10 Who else besides Scary Godmother, Skelly, Harry, and Bug-a-boo did Hannah meet in the Frightside?

11 What vampire movie was Orson’s family modeled after?

12 Who is Skelly?

13 Who is Harry?

14 What revenge did Hannah get on Jimmy and his friends?

15 What does Bug-a-boo tell Hannah their jobs are?

16 Who narrates the second movie, Scary Godmother: The Revenge Of Jimmy?

17 What caused the Frightside to disappear?

18 What mean prank does Jimmy pull in the Frightside?

19 Can Hannah go to the Frightside anytime she wants, or only at Halloween?

20 Is Scary Godmother movies or books?

Source Goodreads

Ok, you got your answers locked in? Let’s see how you did. Here are the answers.

1 Hannah’s cousin is Jimmy. He is a mean little brat and very bossy.

2 Hannah goes to the Frightside, where it is always Halloween. The Frightside and Halloween Town seem like the ideal places to live.

3 Jimmy left her in the house that kids in the neighborhood refer to as the Spook House.

4 Jimmy hangs out with Bert, Daryl, and Katie. Katie is often annoyed by Bert but has a crush on Daryl and isn’t always ok with Jimmy’s plans.

5 In the first movie, Hannah is a fairy princess, and in the second, she is a fairy queen.

6 Scary Godmother is a kind and sweet witch with bat wings from the Frightside, where she lives with her broommates.

7 The Frightside is an alternate universe that is permanently Halloween (like I said, an ideal place to live). It gets energy to sustain it all year from Halloween in our dimension.

8 Scary Godmother lives with her broommates, a skeleton named Skelly Pettibone, Harry, a werewolf, and Bug-a-boo, a furry monster.

9 Hannah and Scary Godmother meet when Jimmy locks and abandons Hannah in the Spook House on Halloween. Hannah was crying, and Scary Godmother heard her and then offered comfort and fun. Hannah’s mom was right. The Scary Godmother would take care of her. Scary Godmother helped Hannah overcome her fear of monsters by introducing Hannah to her broommates.

10 Hannah also meets the vampires Count Max, Countess Ruby, and their son Orson. They are a family, and Max and Ruby are king and queen of the night, respectively.

11 The vampire family was modeled after the vampire from Nosferatu (1922). They have very pale skin, like white, beady eyes, and vampire teeth. Ruby and Orson have hair, and Max is bald, like the nosferatu in the movie. (Nosferatu is not only the name of a film but is also a type of vampire.)

12 Skelly Pettibone is Scary Godmother’s loyal friend and her biggest helper. He can often be seen asking Scary Godmother if she needs help or asking after Hannah. He is also one of Scary Godmother’s broommates. He hates cleaning up after Harry and often refuses to, but he cleans the house well.

13 Harry is an albino werewolf and is a broommate to Skelly and Scary Godmother. He is lazy and self-centered. Harry’s character’s creator(s) put him in a shirt with sheep on it as a nod to the saying “a wolf in sheep’s clothing.”

14 When Jimmy traps Hannah in the house, he tries to trick her into thinking there are monsters around her and wants to wait to hear her scream (told you he is a brat). Like I said earlier, Scary Godmother came and took care of Hannah. Scary Godmother was onboard with her and the others, scaring the pants off of Jimmy and the others. Hannah would run in and “slay” the monsters with her flashlight, and hopefully, that would humble Jimmy.

15 Bug-a-boo says the monsters are supposed to scare people but not eat them like Hannah thought.

16 Harry does.

17 Jimmy wanted to stop Halloween, so he wreaked everyone’s jack ‘o lanterns. Then, he scared everyone off from buying costumes and candy. Finally, he tried to take the party place away from the kids. Luckily, Hannah and her friends were able to save the day by rethinking jack’ o lanterns, making homemade costumes and candy, and using the mess as decoration.

18 Jimmy steals the prize for the scariest costume. He ends up scaring Bug-a-boo and being declared the winner. But still…

19 Scary Godmother entrusted Hannah with a key that allows her to open the door to the Frightside whenever she wants.

20 It is both. There is a whole series of books for kids.

So, how did you do? Out of twenty, what is your score? I want to know! I hope you enjoyed this, whether it is because you watched it as a kid or because your kids watched it. My kids loved it, and it was enjoyable to be in the background, unlike some of the other cartoons they watched. Did you watch it? Either with your siblings (if you have them) or your kids. Fill me in, in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!