In 2008 Mama Mia, the musical inspired by the music of ABBA hit theaters with a vengeance. The movie became the 5th highest Grossing movie of 2008, making $611 million on a budget if $52 million. The second movie, Mama Mia Here We Go Again took a decade to come to fruition and enjoyed just as much as the first one. Now Mama Mia 3 could be a reality. Let’s revisit the first two movies and address the possibilities of a Mama Mia 3.

The first movie follows the story of Sophie as she prepares to marry Skye, her fiance. Sophie has never known her father and she finds out that she has three possible fathers. Her mother, Donna (Meryl Streep) had a whirlwind summer where she met three men and had a short romance with them. Donna raises Sophie alone, not knowing who to tell.

The spandex, the ruffles, the dancing, the singing. These movies have it all! Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Youtube. All Rights Reserved Universal Pictures.

The drama unfolds via the songs of ABBA. Much loved songs like Mama Mia, the movie’s namesake, Money Money Money and Super Trooper are among the tunes used as musical interludes during the film. 

The second movie follows the reopening of Donna’s hotel after a renovation. Sophie and her step-dad Sam, along with her mother’s two best friends Tonya and Rosie, all work to get the grand opening night to set off without a hitch. Of course things happen to put a wrench in the plans and Skye and Sophie have a falling out. Alongside the present day we see Donna’s summer meeting Harry, Sam, and Bill and her journey to Kalikari in Greece.

Movie two revisits classic Abba songs like Mama Mia but also adds in a few new ones like When I Kissed the Teacher and Name of the Game. So, with the story of Sophie and Donna already told, what can we expect from a possible third movie? Will any of the cast be in to return for the third installment?

The music would have to be slightly different. The new Abba album Voyage there are new possibilities with music for something fresh. The plot that could be written for movie number three could go a few ways.

One possibility is Sophie raising her son with Skye on the island, her son would have to be older so they may have to time jump for this one. We could get a glimpse of how Sophie uses what Donna had taught her to raise her son, while also getting to see more of how the hotel is doing since we last saw them. 

Sofia helps Donna as she goes into labor with Sophia. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Youtube. All Rights Reserved Universal Pictures.

A second option, which personally would be my preferred plot, is Donna and Sophia’s relationship. Sophie is named after Sofia and it would be great to see how her and Donna’s relationship progressed. These two options are different enough from the first two that it would be exciting enough for the audience to remain entertained. This option also allows for Lily James to reprise her role as young Donna. We could also see more of Donna, Rosie, and Tanya’s friendship as they grew up. 

Most of the cast has come out and stated that they would return if it got the green light because of how much fun they have filming. Pierce Brosnan says, “it was criminal how much fun we had.” The writer always intended for the movies to be a trilogy series and says Meryl will return if the script is right.

Things are in very early stages at this point in time so nothing past the fact there is discussions of a Mama Mia 3 happening. Any discussions most likely have been paused due to the SAGAFTRA strikes currently going on in Hollywood. All we can do now is wait for any new information. And stay tuned to for more Mamma Mia news!

Do you want to see a Mamma Mia 3? What are some directions of plot line you would like to see? Let us know!