Netflix’s, They Cloned Tyrone has topped the charts for several weeks in a row.  Starring Jamie Foxx (Slick Charles), John Boyega (Fontaine), and Teyonah Parris (Yo-Yo) the movie perfectly blends comedy, sci-fi, and culture and conspiracy amidst the black and brown communities.

Fontaine played by John Boyega is your average street hustler raised in impoverished neighborhoods trying to make his way through life.  Strapped for territory he’s confronted by a rival street hustler whom he muscles off his claimed territory. They sought revenge by finding Fontaine later that day when he was haggling with a constituent played by Jamie Foxx (Slick Charles) and Teyonah Parris (Yo-Yo) for money. Fontaine was shot 6 times and died. Only to wake up the next day as if it all were just a dream.

They Cloned Tyrone takes us down a rabbit hole of mystery, action, and satire rolled all into one big ball of a visually stunning presentation. Rolling stone says, “You can sit back and watch They Cloned Tyrone as just another comic sci-fi/action romp, just another piece of Netflix “content” to stream on a Saturday night”.

They Cloned Tyrone
They Cloned Tyrone

Health being at the forefront of our decade 3 years in and Covid-19 impacting so many of our lives, it was also refreshing to see one of the stars back on the big screen Jamie Foxx. It is our first Jamie Foxx sighting in almost a year. For those who are unaware Jamie Foxx suffered a life-threatening stroke on set for a movie where he was hospitalized for months on end. Rumors circulated that he was forced to take a vaccine for this role which led to him suffering permanent brain damage and being paralyzed from the waist down. Rumors about vaccines have recently been circulating the news for not properly being tested and causing more harm than good in certain people. However, this news is just a rumor it didn’t stop fans from questioning how Jamie was doing and why his health status was kept secret for so long. Jamie has since recovered and has made public appearances letting us know about his safety and recovery. All in all, we are happy to see Jamie back on the big screen making us laugh.

The immense cultural impact of They Cloned Tyrone’s success cannot be overstated. By breaking barriers, challenging stereotypes, and inspiring others, this movie’s achievements have created a ripple effect that resonates with individuals from all diverse backgrounds us Nerds included. If you haven’t sat with the movie, give it a watch or two, come back, and tell us what you think!