You could argue that Felicia Day is SDCC royalty. Having been a staple at the con for years, many fans agree it wouldn’t feel like a weekend at SDCC without her. 

Felicia was one of the only celebrities at the event this past weekend. 

She spent her time at the con discussing her two books, the importance of the SAGAFTRA strikes, and her passion project Third Eye. Alongside promoting her new audiobook, she also made sure to educate fans on the strike and encourage them to support where they can. She even donned a shirt that said, “Pay our heroes” 

When it comes to her new audiobook Third Eye, she said it was the “show she wanted to star in,” but that didn’t happen. She is now years later. It brought it to life in audiobook form, writing and starring in it. Third Eye is a fantasy/ comedy about a chosen one wizard, and each character has an arc that she knows the audience will learn to love by the end of season one. 

The “chosen one” trope comes up a lot for her projects because Day herself was a child violin prodigy. She always felt like she wasn’t good enough, despite her talent. So she integrates this time into this project and others because it resonates with her. 

Day has worked on this project for eight years. The rest of the cast includes Sean Astin, London Hughes, and Niel Gaiman as the narrator. The universe grounds fantasy within our reality, and she wants the book to “bring our world to life.” Jonah Ray directs the project and is available on Audible this Fall. 

Felicia brought a sense of joy and fun to a weekend that could have been so solemn and boring due to two strikes happening simultaneously. Her dedication to her work and SDCC were rewarded with an Ink Pot Achievement Award during her panel on Saturday. 

Day’s efforts to bring self-created projects are not new for her. The first SDCC she attended was through her borrowing a pass to promote her project, The Guild. 

You can listen to episode one through Audible—the whole first season premiers on October 5th.