San Diego Comic-Con 2023 has come and gone, and until next year, SDCC will be sorely missed. As the biggest and most popular convention in California, tons of new information was released during panels and had fans of all fandoms drooling for me. Amongst the new releases was the exclusive first look at the upcoming D&D WEBTOON sensation, Brie and the Borrowed Blade, which will feature the daughter of Drizzt as the main protagonist. 

On July 23, WEBTOON and Wizards of the Coast announced their first official Dungeons & Dragons webcomic collaboration. Brie and the Borrowed Blade will feature Brie, the daughter of the iconic D&D character Drizzt, and various other D&D-inspired characters in an entirely new adventure. According to the creative team, consisting of artist Ryan Maniulit, WEBTOON creator and writer Purpah, publishing lead of WotC Paul Morrissey, and VP of WEBTOON content David Lee, Brie (also known as “Breezy”) will “borrow” her father’s iconic blade, Twinkle, and embark on a journey that will teach her what it takes to be a true hero.

Who is Drizzt? Drizzt, the most famous character in D&D’s Forgotten Realms campaign, was created initially as a side character in the Icewind Dale Trilogy but quickly became popular amongst fans for his iconic look and backstory, earning his own book series. Drizzt is featured in over forty novels as an atypical dark elf who values friendship and love over senseless violence and hate. At some point during his hero’s journey, he meets the human Cattie-brie; they grow closer, marry, and eventually have a daughter together. Her name is Briennelle Zaharina (AKA our newfound protagonist, “Brie”). 

Artist: Ryan Maniulit. Photo Source: WEBTOON PR.

Paul Morrissey states, “Brie and the Borrowed Blade will be an expansion of The Legend of Drizzt.” But instead of focusing solely on Drizzt, Brie and the Borrowed Blade will concentrate on his teenage daughter, Brie, stepping out of the shadow of her famous parents and forging her own path as a hero. For Paul, “D&D is all about exploration,” with this new series, “we get to explore a new D&D story with new voices that have their own point of view to push the brand forward.”

When creating Brie, Paul says the team “wanted to incorporate elements from Drizzt and Cattie-brie so that she’s a fun synthesis of her mom and dad.” Other core characters of the series will include Drizzt, Cattie-brie, Quillian Harpell, Merith Wickwyre, and Gavric Belbarum, but according to Paul, Drizzt, and Cattie-brie (and other original characters) will exist to pass the baton to the new generation. Brie and the Borrowed Blade will focus on the new characters and cast, including Brie and her newfound friends. “Just like Drizzt had his companions, Brie has her companions, and I’m excited about these new characters because they reflect characters D&D players are playing now,” says Paul. 

Artist: Ryan Maniulit. Photo Source: WEBTOON PR.
Artist: Ryan Maniulit. Photo Source: WEBTOON PR.

With the blessing of American author and original creator of Drizzt R.A. Salvatore, Brie and the Borrowed Blade is set to launch later in 2024 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Dungeons & Dragons and will be exclusive to the WEBTOON platform. More information concerning the webcomic will be announced in the coming months, so stay tuned!

Like Ryan, I was initially unfamiliar with D&D lore and Drizzt as a character. But I have always loved fantasy worlds and have been a fan of Purpah since she debuted on WEBTOON with the Canvas version of Suitor Armor, and I trust that she will do Drizzt and his daughter justice. With this new project in tow, I must remind WEBTOON readers, Purpah is human despite her magical exterior, so let’s be patient and kind as this project is put together over the next year! 
Lastly, if you aren’t familiar with Purpah and her existing comic Suitor Armor, please click here for a link to my interview with Purpah. It will give you a better idea of her storytelling idea and may even give you an idea of what to expect regarding Brie and the Borrowed Blade! Feel free to comment below on what you hope to see in this new D&D-inspired series!