Do you ever finish watching a show and immediately take a moment to marvel at its perfection? I have previously stated that Game Changer is the greatest game show around. It was done so well; Dropout made several spin-off series based on the games they played on Game Changer. I have spent many an evening laughing and rejoicing at the content Dropout has to offer. However, the Battle Royale Old Guard vs. New Blood will be difficult to top in new episodes. This was peak perfection, and I am happy to explain why.

game changer battle royal
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The Contestants

Before we get into the unique challenges and surprising guest judges, I must share who played in this four-part series. Each contestant was placed in the Old Guard team, meaning they have worked with Dropout for a while, or New Blood, for the newbies. Players were competing for two round-trip tickets to anywhere their hearts desired. Below is a table of the players, their teams, and the eventual team-chosen names.

Old GuardNew Blood
Official Team Name: Stop AAPI HateOfficial Team Name: Nuevo Stop AAPI Hate: The New Chapter
Ally BeardsleyIfy Nwadiwe
Tao YangJacob Wysocki
Rekha ShankarVic Michaelis
Lily DuAnna Garcia
Adam ConoverIzzy Roland
This is a table of the team names and contestants.

Game Changer Challenges

Part One

The first challenge was simple; players had to keep stacking hats on their heads. Once a hat fell, that contestant was out. The first team to have all their players drop their hats lost and were sent to elimination. Since this was a “Survivor-esk” challenge, Reich introduced special guest Rick Devens. The duo shared the podium well, but only one team could win. New Blood won immunity this time around!

After the first elimination, challenge two was a piece of cake. Armed with Is it Cake season one winner Andrew Fuller, the players were in for a sweet surprise. Here contestants were sent around the studio to find three cakes disguised as ordinary objects. The team that found the most items within ten minutes won immunity.  

Part Two

With two contestants given the boot, episode two began with merging the teams. This led to the merger feast. The game’s name was Fancy Sandwich, judged by the season six MasterChef winner Claudia Sandoval. Here we learned that some of our favorite comedians know how to assemble a lovely sandwich, and others may need more practice. One player won individual immunity, and alliances were tested.

The final game of episode two was Immunity Swap. Here, players would grab a gift one by one, with one hiding an immunity Loop De Loop. Players would get a peek inside their present and tell everyone else what was inside. This could either be the truth or a lie. A gift could not be stolen more than twice. With the rules laid out, one person reigned supreme.

Part Three

Episode three began with an ASMR Challenge. Players would read a silly statement and attempt to be the quietest out of the bunch. A decibel meter was used to determine the volume of a contestant’s voice. The winner of this challenge was a beast and deserved that win, guaranteeing them safe from the subsequent elimination round.

After a surprising elimination, only one current player played the next game. They were to play with the previously eliminated contestants in a talent show. Players pulled out their best comedy acts, dance moves, and monologues. The goal was to wow guest judge Howie Mandel. A key player won and went back into the competition!

Part Four

We hit the final episode of Battle Royal, and the competition got steamy. The game’s name is Pott Erotica, where players make pottery but in a sexy way. Additionally, Reich found the perfect judge for this game; advocate, artist, and Drag Queen Laganja Estranja. The winner of this game one hundred percent earned it, and I gave them props.

This leads us to the second to last game, Charm Sam’s Mom. Here, the players were given small tidbits about Reich’s mom throughout the game. They could use these and schmooze their win from the woman herself within two minutes. This game guaranteed one player’s spot in the final three. However, the winner gave their immunity away to play in the last round.

The last game in the competition was Same Brain. On the count of three, pairs of contestants were to say a word simultaneously. Then on the next count of three, the couple would say another word inspired by the first set of words. Again, the goal was to say the same word with the least number of rounds. One player was not confident in their ability to win and was ultimately booted off. Leaving us with the final three players and the round table where the eliminated contestants voted for the winner.

Thoughts on Game Changer

If you have not seen the episodes yet, I will let you know that I am about to spoil everything. After seeing Nwadiwe get booted, I wanted to see Wysocki win. However, I was ecstatic once we got down to the final three. Our three angels were Jacob Wysocki, Vic Michaelis, and Lily Du. I would have been happy to see any of these contestants win their plane tickets. They all played hard and deserved to be at the top. I would be lying if I said I did not do a happy dance when Wysocki was announced as the winner. Overall, it was a great mini-series filled with deceit, laughs, and rats.

In conclusion, if you have made it this far and want to see more Dropout content, I did write about Game Changer previously. I also highly recommend most of the content on the streaming service. In the comments section, I would love your thoughts on this thrilling game show.