D20Studios recently launched their new game, Abalon, from Early Access to 1.0 on Steam. This turn-based tactics game with card strategy wrapped in a roguelike adventure is focused on exploration, survival, and defeating powerful bosses. Players have described it as a successful combination of Magic: The Gathering, D&D, and Final Fantasy Tactics.

In Abalon, players can expect grid-based movement and spell cards that elegantly combine in an experience that’s like playing chess with magic. Summon creatures onto the battlefield and command them to move and attack. Devastate foes and terrain alike with fireballs and meteor showers. Manipulate gravity, time, and space to gain positional advantage and unleash gratifying combos.

With 20 characters to choose from, including squirrel-hurling druids, time-traveling steampunk rats, and skeleton-summoning liche kings, players can customize their strategy with creative and never-before-seen interactions. Plus, with over 200 additional characters you can recruit, summon, and command, the possibilities are endless.

Abalon also offers ever-changing open-world exploration that invites you to discover enticing encounters where a roll of the D20 can help you recruit new party members, brew potions, and even celebrate a goblin birthday party! Players have the freedom to retreat, undo actions, replay battles, and more to experience the wonders of Abalon on their own and take on the most difficult challenges when they are ready.

The game also offers deep strategic deck building, allowing players to fully customize their deck any time they rest at a campsite. Choose two guardians to support your hero and up to 20 cards consisting of spells, additional units, and equipment from over 400 cards. Plus, find additional artifacts to further upgrade and synergize your heroic team.

“Abalon is the culmination of seven years development and an even longer history dating back to 2006 when we pioneered the card tactics genre. This a work of passion and determination to create the best possible experience we could for fans of roguelike and tabletop games, and I anticipate players are going to have a lot of fun using cards, dice, and tactics to unleash their creativity and devise the most amazing strategies.” – Ross Przybylski, Founder and Game Developer, D20Studios

Abalon features a highly accessible and playful art style where characters literally look up at you to be commanded. Gracefully issue orders with simple point-and-click controls and full gamepad support.

Abalon is available on Steam for $29.99, with a 20% launch week discount. A new major content update also released alongside the 1.0 launch, adding 4 new playable Summoners and many new cards, including the Magiscales, a race of cyber psychic lizard wizards with the power to control gravity and shapeshift into other units. Check out the Abalon trailer here: