Moonstone Island is an upcoming creature-collecting life-simulator set in an open world with endless exploration abilities. Being compared to both the Pokémon franchise and Stardew Valley, this game is ticking a few boxes.

So What is Moonstone Island Actually About?

You, the player, must follow an age-old tradition. Move to an island in the sky to master your alchemy training. Armed with a team of nature spirits, your home-brewed potions, and the support of your friends, exploration, and adventure awaits. From dangerous dungeons to ancient temples and ruins, uncover these old forgotten mysteries of Moonstone Island.

In this life-sim, players will have a completely open world to explore—travel using planes, brooms, or even balloons to over one hundred islands in the sky. Players will also have the option to set up their homesteads on whatever one of these islands they like the most. Of course, being procedurally generated, none will be entirely the same. Once settled, grow crops to brew your perfect potions and tame the spirits to help you.

With these spirits at your side, put your skills to the test in card-based combat encounters to show that you have completed your alchemy training. These cards will have different abilities on them, depending on what spirits you have aiding you at the time. With these cards in hand, battle other wild spirits during your adventures. However, keep an eye on your deck- talismans will be able to help you unlock the full potential of the spirits and their abilities.

Source: Moonstone Island | Official Steam Page

What Other Features Does Moonstone Island Have?

The features not included above are:

  • Befriend NPCs, go on dates, and even find love.
  • Home customization means you have make your homestead uniquely yours.
  • Optimize your character build with various skills and upgrades to suit your playstyle.
  • A crafting system that allows you to make vehicles, tools, and more to help you survive in the wilderness.
  • Go foraging, wishing, and excavating to collect resources for your creations.

However, these are only a few of the features that we have been shown. With the game still being developed, there could be even more still waiting to be shown.

Source: Moonstone Island | Official Steam Page

Why is Moonstone Island Compared to Pokémon and Stardew Valley?

Moonstone Island has a similar creature collection system to the beloved Pokémon franchise – which is where a lot of that comparison comes from. A lot of these curious creatures similarly have particular motifs which complement their design. For example, the little lizard with the goggles and snorkel or the mischievous-looking raccoon with a burglar’s mask.

The comparison to Stardew Valley comes from the farming and crafting aspect. Farming simulators have become increasingly popular as of late, so these aspects of gameplay appear more and more frequently.

Additionally, Moonstone Island has a pixel aesthetic. This is not only similar to the style of Stardew Valley but also reminiscent of the earlier Pokémon games, which many players may enjoy. With charming characters, critters, and a vibrant pixel landscape, this game will hit a lot of buttons that players may enjoy.


Moonstone Island has not yet got a release date, but it can be added to wish lists. So far, the game has been announced to be released on both PC and Nintendo Switch. You can keep up to date with the game on their social media, such as Twitter. If you’re interested, then check out the official gameplay trailer below.

Source: GameTrailers | YouTube

What are your thoughts on Moonstone Island? Will you be adding this game to your lists? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!