Fitting for St. Patrick’s Day weekend, The Flash brought back the lucky Becky Sharpe, a/k/a Hazard, who you may recall from season four. Luckily for Barry and Iris, they went to Coast City for Iris’s babymoon and the CCC Media expansion party (which Allegra apparently did not receive an invite for). Barry and Iris were absent for most of the episode and instituted a no “zooping” policy, so they had to drive like us common folk.

While Barry and Iris enjoyed a beachside couples massage, the rest of Team Flash had their hands full. Let’s recap.

A Case of Bad Luck

Becky Sharpe is the luckiest woman alive. Though, when good things happen to her, bad things happen to those around her – or so we thought. After Crisis, Becky stopped using her powers to hurt people.

Becky turned a slip-and-fall at Jitters into a meet-cute in the arms of her beau, Dom. But, once Dom proposed and put a ring on her finger, Becky’s luck ran out. They both nearly choked to death at a cake tasting. In the bridal boutique parking lot, a passing car doused Becky and her wedding dress in mud. Things went from bad to worse when Becky got home. Dom lay on the floor in a coma, and 30 seconds later, the police showed up and arrested her for attempted murder.

Bad luck does not equal stupidity because Becky smartly lawyered up. The crime scene was too perfect, which gave Captain Kramer a hunch that Becky was innocent. So, Kramer asked Cecile to take on the case. As the premiere lawyer for metahumans, Cecile took the case; though, Cecile had an 8 p.m. train to catch to make it to the country in time for Jenna’s birthday weekend. Cecile always made Jenna a special birthday breakfast with organic waffle mix (yes, it matters).

Cecile had an initial interview with Becky and prepared to hit the case running the following Monday. Unfortunately, the bad luck continued, and the police found the weapon, a blood high heel shoe. If Cecile wanted to keep Becky out of prison, she had to immediately ramp up defense efforts. Poor Jenna, who had to settle for a subpar birthday breakfast cooked by Joe. As a lawyer myself, it’s comforting to know that even a superpowered attorney like Cecile struggles with work-life balance.

Cecile brought Allegra to Becky’s apartment to sweep the place for any evidence the police missed. They found a poker chip, which led them to Dom’s older brother, Tony. Tony tried to convince them that Dom had a secret gambling problem and that the mob probably came to collect. Of course, it was Tony who had the gambling problem, and he saw Becky as his way out.

Dom tried to stop Tony from exploiting Becky’s good luck. So, Tony tried to kill him – you know, normal brother stuff. To frame Becky, Tony, who helped Dom pick out Becky’s engagement ring, laced the engagement ring with dark matter refractor technology. The technology used an asymmetric matrix to reverse any meta-ability it touched. The refractors were for one-time use only; however, Becky never took the engagement ring off, which counted as one use.

With Dom out of the picture, Tony kidnapped Becky so he could cash in at the blackjack table. Even without Barry and Iris, Team Flash figured out Tony’s plan, got the matrix ring off Becky’s finger, and saved the day.

Khione Is A One of One

As the team said bye to Barry and Iris, Khione mentioned that their drive to Coast City should be beautiful because Spring is coming early. This, along with Khione’s kiss that brought Mark back to life and her knowledge of Iris’s pregnancy before everyone else (including Iris), suggested to Mark that Khione has powers.

Mark and Chester worked with Khione to figure out her abilities. Chester fitted Team Flash’s combat dummy to test for over 56 different power sets. It quickly became clear that Mark was only interested in whether Khione had ice powers. The montage of Khione trying to use ice powers she doesn’t have was hilarious.

Khione isn’t Frost, no matter how much Mark wants her to be. That said, she is something special. While Khione and Mark had a heart-to-heart, Khione made it snow inside S.T.A.R. Labs. Yet, when Chester ran tests on Khione, which a colleague confirmed as accurate, the results showed no dark matter nor cold fusion traces. Additionally, Khione’s genetic code is missing 55 of 56 common biometric signatures. Meaning, Khione is neither a meta like Frost nor a human like Caitlin. What is she, then?

Allegra Moved in with Cecile

Throughout the episode, Allegra had issues with her landlord, including no hot water for days. I can relate. Meanwhile, Cecile had been sleeping in her office since Joe and Jenna left because the house felt too quiet without them. Cecile was clearly struggling, considering her powers failed her multiple times throughout the episode for reasons unrelated to Becky’s bad luck and the dark matter refractor tech. Cecile eventually asked Allegra to move into the house with her, which seems like a win-win.

Baby Nora on the Way?

 The episode ended with a surprise baby shower for Barry and Iris. A banner hung in their apartment said, “Nora will be here…in a flash.” Very clever, but I’m not so sure it will be Nora considering Iris became pregnant three months early.

We’ll have some time to think about it because The Flash is taking a one-week hiatus before episode seven, “Wildest Dreams.” That must mean we’re heading for a big episode. I’m hyped!