Part two of “The Mask of the Red Death” welcomed us to the era of the Red Death. Thankfully for Team Flash, her reign was short-lived.

Finding the Red Death

Episode five began with the Red Death’s takeover of CCPD. The Red Death employed hundreds of Sentinels, which were essentially speedster robots. She deemed herself judge, jury, and executioner. With eyes and ears on everything, nothing could stop the Red Death from administering justice. Punishments were steep. Just ask the TV looter, or what’s left of him.

Meanwhile, Team Flash and his Rogue Squad regrouped at S.T.A.R. Labs. The Flash’s speed remained severely depleted, and he continued to question the team’s decision to leave Mark a/k/a Chillblaine behind. The Rogue Squad had no interest in going back for “Chill-Lame,” as the Red Death was certain to come after them all for destroying the cosmic treadmill, her only path to going home.

Team Flash had to find the Red Death first. Iris came up with a good plan. Team Flash turned to Cecile for help, who used her telepathic abilities to trace the Red Death’s hatred and rage. Cecile likely had a lot of hatred and rage to sift through, including my own after daylight savings last week.

With Chester’s help, Cecile found not only the Red Death but also someone experiencing unfathomable pain. Mark, he’s alive!

Who’s Helping the Red Death?

It became clear that the Red Death’s Sentinels extended beyond Central City. She invaded the whole world. The Sentinels were an individual manifestations of a singular consciousness. No one doubted the Red Death’s power, but this was next level. Who’s helping her? She needed a serious neural boost from a mega-powerful psychic source…Grodd!

The Flash’s greatest mistake was ghosting our favorite sentient gorilla. Barry last saw Grodd three years ago during Crisis. At that time, they fought side-by-side with Barry even lending Grodd his superspeed. After saving the world and learning how to be a hero, Grodd went to find his tribe.

Grodd never found his tribe because, after Crisis, the gorillas in Gorilla City lost their sentience. Grodd was alone. Understandably, Grodd accepted the Red Death’s offer to reunite him with his tribe in exchange for amplifying her powers.

Saving Mark

After some debate between the Rogue Squad and inspiration from Khione, Team Flash decided to save Mark. Phew, took you long enough! Though Khione insisted on helping, Barry made her stay behind considering she has no powers and became a person only a few weeks ago.

They found Mark easily. Too easily, it was a trap. The Red Death had distracted Team Flash long enough that her evil plan was too far gone. Nothing could stop her from eliminating all crime by erasing it through her rule of law. The Red Death took the rest of Barry’s speed and let them go, defeated.

Mark was passed out and in bad shape. Caitlyn could have used her doctor skills to heal Mark. Frost would have fought alongside him. This made Khione feel useless. Iris assured Khione that powers aren’t necessary and told Khione about the time she proved her own value with a pulse riffle. Khione proceeded to kiss Mark, which woke him up real quick.

A Vintage Joe West Peptalk

If you need a peptalk, look no further than Joe West. The guy is a wordsmith. He walked right up to Barry and said, “you look just like I feel.”

Barry did look depressed. But Joe gave our hero exactly what he needed. Barry taught Grodd how to be a hero three years ago. Now, Barry needed to believe his teaching stuck.

Barry gave Joe what he needed too. Joe explained that Team Flash no longer needs him and that he thought about leaving Central City. Barry reminded Joe of his importance – Joe raised them all to be heroes.

Defeating the Red Death

Barry heeded Joe’s advice and went to speak with Grodd in Serengeti. Grodd resented Barry for leaving him alone for three years. Grodd’s tune changed once Barry asked what would stop the Red Death from turning on him and his tribe? Using the Flash’s inspirational powers, Barry earned Grodd’s trust back. Grodd agreed to help Barry and returned Barry’s speed with a spark leftover in his mind.

Then, the Flash and the Red Death had an epic showdown. As they sped through Central City, the Red Death shot bolt after bolt of red lightning, which the Flash blocked over and over again with his speed-force shield.

The Red Death had the Flash dead to rights. Luckily, the Rogue Squad showed up in time to save the Flash’s life, though the Red Death quickly dispensed with all of them. Ultimately, Batwoman herself showed up to defeat her doppelganger. Argus arrested the Red Death and locked her up in Iron Heights. Meanwhile, Batwoman and Iris made brunch plans.

Joe’s Goodbye Party

Joe changed his mind again. Being a parent is the most meaningful thing he’s ever done, so he’s taking Jenna to the country after all. Cecile plans to visit on the weekends, so we’ll see how that all works out. Long distance is tough!

Team Flash threw Joe a goodbye party and a lot happened. For one, Chester and Allegra made out in front of everyone. Congrats to them. Iris found out she is pregnant three months early, so the entire timeline may be in jeopardy. And, it looks like Khione does have powers because she knew Iris was pregnant with seemingly no indication.

What are Khione’s powers? We’ll have to wait to find out.