When I went through my master’s degree, I investigated how intergenerational gaming time can enhance social relationships within a family. Family members that game together report feeling closer to one another and improved mental health. The only real-world issue I have encountered is finding games supporting couch co-op. My spouse and I wanted to find a game we could play with his dad. We settled on Minecraft Dungeons, and let me tell you, we have not stopped playing since.

Minecraft Dungeons
Source: Minecraft Dungeons

The Story

I love my father-in-law, but this man blew through so many cutscenes. So, unfortunately, I do not have a super in-depth plot synopsis to share here. However, I have enough to share the basic plot. An Illager was shunned by his kin and forced to find a new home. Fueled by rage, he blazed his own trail and stumbled upon a force of evil. The Orb of Dominance. This corrupted little dude, and he became an Arch-Illager. He built an army, and those who chose to stand against him fell. Only a hero with valor and purity of heart can defeat him.

One can brave this evil alone or pair up with three other friends. Players will discover new loot to help them defeat mobs or waves of baddies. The terrain is also varied in this title, from canyons and swamps to mines. There is something for everyone in this title, so gear up and get ready for some fun!


I hesitated to purchase this title because I have never played Minecraft. I figured I would need some background in the lore to enjoy Minecraft Dungeons. However, I was wrong. The storyline is easy to follow, even when someone keeps hitting the “skip cutscene” button. There was also an exciting variety in the loot. You could be a “wizard” character doing soul damage and healing your allies, or go full barbarian and focus on damage. It was also fun to play with others. We all have a varied background in gaming but keep finding ourselves texting each other, asking for more playtime. Ultimately, I highly recommend Minecraft Dungeons if you want something to play with the family.

Odds and Ends

Dungeoneers can find this title on Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. I also recommend checking out the DLC if you enjoy this game. Getting the DLC has added even more adventure and loot than I anticipated. If you want a two-player title, I recommend Cat Quest II. In the end, have fun gaming with those you hold dear!