It’s no secret that we love Call The Midwife at TGON, so when the announcement came that the series was renewed through 2026. The announcement comes as the 12th season is airing in the UK. The US will get the season beginning March 19th. Spoilers have been avoided as much as they can be in this age of the internet, though some things have come to light that will, no doubt effect the next few years. So with Call The Midwife renewed for three seasons, let’s look at the characters and possibilities that we may see. 

The characters are the foundation of the series and no matter what happens they keep the series going. Many characters have came and went since the series began. Each one bringing their own life to the world of Nonnatus House. It would be great to see some of them return to the show, even just as a guest appearance. Of course this series is very much based on real events and the fantasies may not always fit or make sense to the story. However, let’s break down my top three picks for guest appearances. 


Screenshot taken by Melissa Rothman for via Netflix, all rights reserved BBC 2012

Chummy is in my top three favorite characters of the series. She brought a sense of humor to the series which sometimes was much needed. Her character was written off because of Miranda Hart getting a movie role. It was explained that Chummy went to work at a mother and baby home. 

I would love to see how her and her family are doing now. She was such a great addition to the series; it would be great for the series to have her make an appearance. Even better if she stayed for the rest of the series. 


Nurse Jenny, Nurse Trixie, and Nurse Cynthia (Prior to her becoming a nun). Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Netflix. All rights reserved, BBC

Bryony Hannah left Call The Midwife to concentrate on her work in theater. Her character, Sister Mary Cynthia entered into a care facility for help with PTSD after being attacked. My dream appearance for her, would for her to come back for a visit to her friends at Nonnatus House recovered and thriving in life.


Patsy and Delia share a laugh. Screenshot by Melissa Rothman for via Netflix. All rights reserved, BBC.

Patsy left with her girlfriend Delia to live life together. In real life Emerald Fennell (Pasty) left the series to pursue more writing and directing. In 2021 she won an Oscar for Best Original Screenplay for “Promising Young Woman.” Kate Lamb left the series to work on her other interests; she also works as a dog trainer. This dream appearance is just to see them happy and loving life; Their time leading up to their departure was so turbulent and sad. 

I would also like to see what Reverend Tom Hereward is up to and if he found ways to be happy and find love again after Barbara died. Realistically, I am not sure any of these will happen, in fact, most likely it wont, but it doesn’t hurt to dream, right? 

In all reality, new characters will have to be introduced in order to keep the series going. With events in the current season it would only make sense for some characters to have reduced role, if not leave the series altogether. Which, to be honest I dread because I love these characters. Though, this show tends to even make me feel for the characters you don’t like; there is always some humanity in the rough characters. 

In all I am thrilled that Call The Midwife has been renewed for three more seasons because it is easily my favorite show. The writing, acting, casting, and stories are like no other on television. I can’t wait to see the stories that are told and the people we are introduced to in the next three years.