Solitaire Social is taking the card game we all know and love to a whole new level of fun and storytelling. As much as the game has been an all-ages classic for generations, now with this online platform, we are seeing countless stories emerge of gamers from around the world connecting with each other in meaningful ways. As the recently launched contest has shown, whether through virtual tournaments or just moments spent between friends, witnessing meaningful connections unfold within the game is one thing players appreciate the most about Solitaire Social!

What Is Solitaire Social’s Story Contest?

Solitaire Social recently ran an incredible contest that gave users an opportunity to express themselves. Players were able to share how the platform changed their life, and these stories were rewarded with magical prizes! Many participants would describe how playing the game would help them go through a very difficult time in their lives. It turned out that for many, being a part of the solitaire community was much more than playing cards. So what kind of stories would players share?

The variety of responses that Solitaire Social received in the frame of the contest was, indeed, striking. From brief messages about happy emotions from playing the popular card game to touching personal narratives. Thus, for instance, there was an amazing story of a woman who had to take care of her seriously ill mother and who found substantial emotional support thanks to Solitaire Social. While reading it, it becomes clear how important it is for us all to have a safe problem-free environment that will provide us with an escape from daily stresses. Plus, many players would describe how the platform has enabled them to find new friends and gather together with like-minded fellows from their locations. One participant, for example, created a team Ukraine 2 that consistently crowns Solitaire Social’s leaderboards today. Each of the team members is going through hard times being forced to leave their homes and relocate to different parts of the world but they can somehow stay together and united in the virtual community.

Building on this tremendous success of the players’ wonderful stories, the site’s team has come up with a unique way of showcasing the inspiring stories: they’ve compiled them into a book that is due for publication on Amazon. The AI used to assemble the stories has helped create a players’ book for all users that captures poignant insights about gaming, life, and relationships. The book will be soon available on Amazon and also on the platform’s blog page.

What Is Solitaire Social Exactly?

For those new to the platform, Solitaire Social is a new way to play your favorite classic card game. Rather than playing against yourself, you can interact with friends or strangers from all over the world in live games. You can challenge other players, participate in daily quests, or join tournaments for bigger prizes. On the social side, you can chat with others via Facebook and make sure to give them a friendly thumbs up after a great round. The project brings the classic card game into the 21st century, offering more ways to connect with people rather than just playing lonely rounds of cards by yourself!

A New Book, A New Beginning

Social competition is one of the things that make life interesting and that’s what makes Solitaire Social so precious. With its story contest, the platform has managed to bring the social aspect of the game to a new level. As the players’ stories have shown, solitaire means a lot more to them than a card game. For many participants, it is a way to escape the hardships of today’s life as well as to find new friends with shared views and values. Look for the book on Amazon and in the platform’s blog — who knows, maybe other players’ stories will inspire you to share your own experience!