Today I had the pleasure of interviewing Jessii Vee a Creepypasta and Horror youtuber with over 3 million followers.

What Got you interested in starting your own Youtube Channel?

When I was in High School I had a blog on Tumblr that gained over 30,000 followers. I would post my stories, poems, photography, etc. Eventually, people started asking me if I could post on YouTube so they could put a face to my name, and I was so nervous at first, but eventually gave in and tried it out! Within only a few months I reached 100K subscribers which was amazing to me, and my career took off from there! I am so grateful! 

What Are Your 10 must-read creepypastas and why?

It would be so difficult for me to choose a top 10 because I love too many of them – I’ve made thousands of creepy videos on my channel over the years, but the ones that have been my favorite to talk about are: The Backrooms, Slenderman, Siren Head, & The Rake! 

If you could choose one episode on your channel, what was your favorite and why?

Probably my first animated storytime, ‘The Time I Stood Up To A Bully’! It was so cool to work with an animation team and see such a powerful story come to life. It was relatable for so many kids and I loved that.

What books or comics are you reading right now?

I just finished ‘ Dark Matter’ by Blake Crouch. It was phenomenal! I gave it five stars. It’s asci-fi about parallel universes.

What are your must-see horror movies on Netflix and Amazon?

My husband and I recently watched The Platform on Netflix and it was amazing! It takes place in the future where prisoners held in vertical cells watch as inmates in the upper cells are fed while those below starve. So scary and I hope the world would never get to that point!

What is Yana and why did you start it?

Yanna is a nonprofit program that my team and I started as an opportunity to give back to the community. This program’s goals are spreading kindness, stopping bullying, discouraging hate, and creating safe spaces for children at school. This movement focuses on inclusivity and reaching out to those who feel alone. I wanted to start this program after experiencing this type of mistreatment at my own high school. You can find out more at:

What Advice can you give young nerds about starting their own youtube channels?

What advice can you give young Nerds about how to start their own youtube channels? Create content that you’re passionate about and don’t worry about what’s trending or what other people are doing. People will subscribe and watch your channel because you bring something new & unique to the table! When people see how much you love your content, they will want to keep watching! Most of all – ignore any hate. Focus on the positive feedback!

Can you tell us about your most frightening experience with the Paranormal?

I was filming a video at a very old graveyard a handful of years ago and had some spirits follow me home. They opened all of our car doors in the middle of the night after we had locked them and I had a dream about ghosts surrounding my bed and hovering over me while I slept. Not fun. I wouldn’t recommend filming at a cemetery out of respect for the dead – they don’t like it!