On the previous episode of The Umbrella Academy we saw the ape like body revealed under Luther’s clothing (I thought that he just worked out a lot on the moon) and a butt naked Klaus get captured by Hazel and Cha-Cha which brings us to the beginning of “Man On The Moon”. We were able to see Luther seven years ago with a normal body (which is actually far from normal did yous see those abs!?) still at the academy with his father. He acted as if the absence of his siblings didn’t bother him and continued to do missions for his father. On one particular day, Luther was sent on a mission that went terribly wrong and was injured badly. If it wasn’t for Sir. Hargreeves Serum Luther wouldn’t be alive, but the only downside of the serum is that it transformed his body into part ape. Even though his siblings was shocked by his new appearance he remained grateful to his father for saving his life. I’m actually surprised that Luther is the only one out of all seven that kept his loyalty to his father even through everything that he has put them through. Luther truly does have unconditional love and patience especially dealing with Diego. Throughout the episode, the two bickered back and forth as usual, but Luther continued to restrain from punching a hole in his face. Alison expressed her sympathy for him because of the discovery of his new body, but Luther wasn’t trying to hear it. It was bad enough that Diego called him a monster. I for one think that Luther’s part ape body is amazing! Because I’m into magical creatures like centaurs Luther’s body amazed me, but not in a way that I think of him a monster. It just adds to his contribution of crime fighting and makes him the ultimate muscle of the family.

The family found their robotic mother Grace and announced that her death was caused by the home invasion by Hazel and Cha-Cha, but we all know that in the previous episode we saw Diego disable her. I really didn’t appreciate how Diego tried to blame it on Luther since he believed that she might have played a part in their father’s death. I feel like Diego really needs to get his butt handed to him so that he can get his attitude in check. He really made me upset when he came to Eudora for assist in finding five, but she declined because she wanted to do her job the professional way. When she turned him down, Diego replied by saying “That’s probably why we didn’t work out”. Diego has some serious issues you guys. Every episode that I watch, I grow to despise him because of his harsh criticism and overall disrespect towards the others. He’s a grown man, but acts like a big baby when no one wants to go about things his way. News flash honey, no one always gets there way!

I’m really glad the girls aren’t as screwed up as the guys in the family, surprisingly the live more normal lives compared to the others. Vanya’s new love interest Lenard brought the romance into this episode as he spent hours listening to Vanya (keyword “listening”) which is something no one else does. To some women nothing is more attractive than a man that listens and Lenard was doing all the things. I love how Vanya is with him, she is more open, smiles more, and has a little bit more personality being brought out of her. For someone who has been an outcast all of their life it was nice to see her actually be noticed. Lenard also said that she didn’t have to apologize for existing which really made her enjoy his company because she grew up not being acknowledged for her existence. Not being “special” made her light dim, but he adds vibrancy to her and I love it! However, Alison did warn Vanya about Lenard since she caught him sneaking into her apartment after walking her to her violin rehearsals. This broke my heart because every time I watch a show where a guy is the ideal “perfect guy” he turns out to be the complete opposite. Lenard is appeared to be a sweet guy to Vanya, but later on in the episode we saw that he had brought flowers into her apartment, but also dumped her prescription pills that she takes for her nerves down the drain. I’m always all for the love, but is it really love? Please Lenard don’t be another Joe Goldberg.

Speaking of love, we also saw that Alison tried to recover her relationship with Vanya after saying so many hurtful things to her. Luckily, Vanya is forgiving and hear her out. At least they apologize and not bash each other like Diego and Luther. From the conversation between Alison and Vanya as well as Luther and Diego, I suspect that in the past Luther and Alison were a “thing”. It’s kinda weird because they were raised as brothers and sisters, but I wouldn’t doubt it since they’e adopted. Plus, I’ve noticed that the two are close and usually there for each other when the one of them aren’t feeling too good. I noticed how Luther often stared into Alison’s bedroom when she was absent, you could tell that he missed her. If it does turn out that they were a thing, I wouldn’t be surprised if they reunited as a couple behind the family’s back which wouldn’t come as a shock to them either. I think they would be a good couple and Luther is a great guy for Alison.

Luther, Diego, Hazel, and Cha-Cha was on a hunt for five, but he continued to hunt down the eyeball that will determine if he could save the world. His plans were soon shattered by Hazel and Cha-Cha once they were informed by Klaus what five whereabouts could possibly be. Five was very close to obtaining the eyeball, but sadly Hazel and Cha-Cha got high off of Klaus’s special chocolate and blew up the facility that contained it. Hazel and Cha-Cha wrote on five’s van “Your brother says Hi”, but they were only thinking of five. Five was later found drunk with his wife’s mannequin. No one even noticed that Klaus was missing because he is usually drug shopping, dumpster diving, or talking to the dead. He was actually being held hostage at the motel without drugs, constant suffering of beatings, and still wrapped in nothing, but a towel. I thought that it was funny how Klaus made Hazel and Cha-Cha feel so stupid for capturing him knowing he doesn’t contain a quarter ounce of knowledge as the others. In fact, there were even scenes of a young Klaus being placed in a dark cell forced to face his fears of the dead by his father. It was truly traumatizing to watch and the main reason why he became an addict because it’s hard to deal with being sober. However, his sobriety and ability to talk to the dead worked in his favor when Hazel and Cha-Cha used him as bait. To distact them, Klaus made contact with all of the victims of Hazel and Cha-Cha. Surprisingly, there was a lot of victims and there cause of death was still on their bodies. Cha-Cha tore Hazel a new one once Klaus informed her that Hazel spared the life of a victim’s wife which made her not trust him to carryout the job of assassinating five.

Eudora finally agreed to doing things Diego’s way, but when she called for his assistance he was too busy chasing down five with Luther. When she arrived at the motel, she decided to carryout the mission on her own, but she shouldn’t have. Once she found the room that Klaus was in, she freed him, but was shot in the chest by Cha-Cha. When Diego finally received her message, he rushed to the motel to find Eudora on the ground in a pool of blood. What do you know, the one time Eudora does things Diego’s way. Her death isn’t just Diego’s fault, It’s five’s too because he didn’t inform his family about the people who came to take his life. If you think Diego is damaged now, just wait until he finds out that it’s five’s fault that Hazel and Cha-Cha shot Eudora. Just wait until he realizes that he has to live with the fact that he encouraged her to carry out justice in his way and go alone. You just wait….Diego will turn into Diego 2.0. I think what makes the situation even worse, is knowing that Diego said horrible things to her and those horrible things were his last words to her.

Hazel and Cha-Cha better pray that Diego doesn’t get a hold of them because I have a feeling that he will soon be ready to raise hell. The two now have to discontinue their assignment to find Klaus who escaped with their special briefcase that was locked away in a vent. Klaus hoped that is was money, but it is unclear what is actually in it. While searching the briefcase on the bus, Klaus disappeared. I suspect that is a time traveling or a way of traveling into another realm because Hazel and Cha-Cha was able to use it to find five, but the device will probably revealed in the next episode. As for this episode, I was a little disappointed throughout my time watching it. I thought that Vanya would be the one to be happy out of there miserable family, but it doesn’t seem to be going that way. I thought that five would finally inform his family what was going on so innocent lives wouldn’t be taken, but it happened. And I didn’t expect for Eudora to be the one to rescue Klaus, but it happened. Again, my predictions were off to say the least but I think that it’s a good thing because I love watching unpredictable Tv Shows. This show keeps me motivated to watch it and I love the suspense that builds up in every review! Thank you for reading and the chaos will continue in episode 5. Till next episode fans!