Paramount Pictures produced the Lobster in 2015 starring Rachel Weiz and Collin Farrel in a sorted Dystopian love story gone wrong. Yorgos Lanthimos wrote and directed the film which went on to be nominated for 1 Oscar and won 34 other film awards. Hollywood celebrities will hype almost anything though and especially the absurd.

Set in a dystopian future in a city where the law states that makes singleness illegal. Single individuals go to a ” hotel” for 45 days in order to find a match. If they fail to find a match they are turned into an animal of their choosing and released into the wild.

The movie begins with David’s( Collin Farrel) wife leaving him for another man and the city officials coming for David. Curiously, the city punishes David for her adultery by sending him to the “hotel.” While there he meets Robert (John C. Reilly) a man with a lisp and john( Ben Whishaw) a man with a limp. The hotel’s administration forces the ‘guests’ to find a partner based on superficial traits like nosebleeds and short-sightedness.

The hotel’s administration runs almost every aspect of the guests’ lives enforcing its rule with an iron fist. The hotel forbids masturbation, forces the guest to watch propaganda, attended partnership events, and keeps individuals from leaving. Guests hunt the ” loners” who try to escape to increase their time to find a partner at the hotel.

As David and his friends’ time at the hotel continues they begin to run out of time and some of them begin to form plans to escape their fate. John begins to fake nosebleeds to become ” suited to the nosebleed girl” and David begins to act heartlessly to win over the “heartless woman”. However, the heartless woman gets wise to David’s lie and kicks David’s brother, who’s a dog to death. However, this leads to a conflict that ends with David transforming the heartless woman into an unknown animal and escaping the hotel.

The movie transitions to the opposite extreme as David joins the society of loners. The society of loners forbids any sort of romance or sexual contact between its members. The cult-like society of loners brutally mutilates anyone who breaks their rules by engaging in sexual activity. Singles must choose between the hotel, which forces people to pair based on superficial traits or forced celibacy, and singles the loners enforce.

David falls for the ” short-sighted” woman(Rachel Weiz), and they develop a complex gesture language to conceal their relationship from the loners. Eventually, the loner leader finds out and blinds the”short-sighted” woman

David and the now “blind” woman based their relationship on their eyesight and become stumped on what makes them suited. They escape to the city where they go to the restaurant; David prepares to blind himself in the bathroom. Right before his final decision the movie cuts to black leaving the audience wondering if he went through with it.

The Lobster’s message is that relationships are societal constructs and that we are caught between society’s pressure for us to be in superficial relationships or the bitterness of singleness. However, the movie fails to convey its message effectively and the acting is subpar at best. The constant narration in the movie also undermines the impact of key moments in the movie by telling us what the characters are feeling and disrupting the tension. I cannot recommend this movie and thus I give it Zero stars.