A five-page essay is a common assignment for high school, college, or university students. It develops students’ writing skills and improves logical consistency of thought, which is essential for academically advanced people. But five pages of essays seems too long, and many people get lost because they don’t know where to start. In this article, you will learn some useful hints that will help you organize your 5-page essay well and make it professional. 

Do in-depth research on your topic

When you already have an essay topic, you must do in-depth research. Study several different sources to see several opinions and eventually form your thought. Also, depending on the topic, you may need various statistics, background information, and quotes from famous people about your topic. By researching a given topic, you will get a better understanding and new ideas that will make your essay more varied and, therefore, interesting. 

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Prepare an outline

An outline is the basis of your essay. A well-crafted outline details each of your headings and subheadings so that you and the subsequent readers immediately understand what the essay will be about. The ideal five-page essay should have three parts:

  • An impressive introduction

The purpose of the introduction is to grab the reader’s attention and motivate them to read on. In the introduction, you introduce others to the general topic; it can also be some statistics. After that, you need to form a powerful thesis statement, which you will further disclose in the topic. Try to be laconic, so your essay will be more readable.

  • Structured main text

Make sure you choose the best and most unambiguous arguments to support your thesis. Since a five-page essay is quite a large volume for an essay, your main body should be about four pages long, and therefore it should be quite detailed. It would help if you had broken the main text into paragraphs, and each paragraph was devoted to a different opinion that supports your thesis statement. It would be best if each paragraph were between five and eight sentences. 

  • Logical conclusion

Your conclusion should summarize the essay, so introducing new information at the end would be a grave mistake. Use the conclusion as a paraphrase of your thesis statement. You can also formulate a call to action, encouraging readers to remain interested in the topic. The conclusion should not take up more than half a page. 

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More tips for writing a five-page essay 

Rewriting is a good practice to improve the narrative of your essay. After seemingly finishing your essay, you need to step away from it and return after some time. With a clear head, you can easily see if something sounds “crooked” or misspelled. 

Another good practice is proofreading and editing. Getting rid of punctuation and grammatical errors is important because teachers evaluate everything, even formatting. 

Speaking of formatting, read the essay requirements carefully. If it requires a certain font size and style, indentation, and line spacing – you should not ignore it. 

What to do if there is not enough space? 

Five-page essays are scary for many students because they are afraid of not having enough words. You have made a logical argument and properly formulated the main idea, but the volume of words is still not enough. Below we’ll highlight a couple of tips on how to fix this situation: 

  • Add relevant examples-this is one of the most effective methods of adding volume. It is important to find a relevant example and a place in the essay where you can add it and that it is to the point.
  • Add some quotes-you can use quotes not only in your introduction but also to amplify the impact of your argument. Just as with examples, these quotes must be relevant
  • Add closing sentences to your subheadings – At the end of each subheading in the main text, summarize small summaries, which will increase the length and add more clarity to the text. 

Following the above guidelines, creating a five-page essay will be a piece of cake. The main thing is to do some preliminary work and get started, and then everything will go like clockwork.