With season 13 of the ranked and pro-play going live in less than a month, it is high time to talk about what is good (winners) and bad (losers) in the new pre-season meta. While there is still time for some of this to change in the coming patches before season 13, it is likely that the majority of this will stay consistent moving forward into the new season.

This analysis is not necessarily in-depth but is based on what I have seen and players as well as what I have heard from many other players around the League of Legends community. These lists will name champions but are more about positions and roles rather than specific champions that are good in the meta right now.


This list is in a specific order! In descending order, this list will go from the biggest winner to the smallest/least winning roles and positions.

  1. AD Bruisers
    These are champions that have a lot of true damage or other tank-shredding capabilities while also being able to get pretty tanky themselves. This AD Bruiser role includes champions like Fiora, Darius, Jax, Camille, and several other top lane champions. With newly reworked items like Ravenous Hydra and completely new items like Jak’Sho, The Proton, AD Bruisers have the ability to survive a long time in fights and deal a lot of damage over a short period of time.
  2. Tanks
    With a handful of new items at their disposal, tanks are looking really good this coming season. Tanks also can be used across top, jungle, support, and sometimes even mid-lane making them really versatile. Champions like Dr. Mundo, Sejuani, Rammus, Sion, and several others do really well as tanks; their only major weakness is to AD Bruisers.
  3. AP Bruisers
    The only reason this comes in 3rd is because there are only a few champions that can really build AP Bruiser. Reworked items like Demonic Embrace and Rod of Ages make this role good, but these items are still weaker than what AP Bruisers have, the upside is that these items cost less gold. AP Bruisers can be played in mid, jungle and top; some of the champions that can go AP Bruiser are Lillia, Kassadin, Mordekaiser, and a few others.
  4. Top Lane
    The top 3 in this winners list can be picked in the top lane. Therefore, top lane is a strong position right now. Is it the best position in the game? No, but it is stronger than it was in season 12 if played correctly. Many of the good champions in this role have already been mentioned in the top 3 above.

Honorable Mention Winners: Tank Supports and AD and AP Assassins


This list is in a specific order! In descending order, this list will go from the biggest loser to the smallest/least-losing roles and positions.

  1. AD Carry Position (aka Bot)
    The Attack Damage carry position was hit the hardest this pre-season. They got no new items, and with every other position having more health and damage, it is that much harder to play AD Carry. To do well in this position, it now takes a good support and getting ahead in the early game. Champions like Kog’Maw, Jinx, and Twitch are some of the better picks as AD Carry.
  2. AP Mages
    Mages that traditionally have been played in mid and support positions are weaker now. Their items are not great in the first place, and they got very few new items. Again, with everyone else doing more damage and having more health, AP Mages have a much harder time bursting down their targets.
  3. Enchanter Supports
    AD Carries are weaker so in part, enchanter supports who buff them up or heal them are also weaker. Enchanters also got no new items so they do not have extra tools to help their AD Carries. If an enchanter can still win early with their AD Carry, they can still do well, but it is tougher. Champions like Nami, Lulu, and Seraphine can still do well.
  4. Jungle Position
    The jungle in season 12 was much more dynamic than it is now. Players could path creatively, play different champions, and find success with niche picks. The jungle is now easier to play, but much of the creativity has been taken out. Players have to take the green pet to be relevant late game, and the path is static. There are a handful of good picks, and the rest feel bad.

Honorable Mention Losers: Off-Meta champions/builds and early-game champions

All in all, there are fewer losers than there are winners, but because of this, there is less room to innovate and play niche picks. These are by no means exhaustive lists of what is good and bad, and even if something is bad on this list, it does not mean success cannot be found in that role or position.