Japanese anime has reached global success and acclamation. These days, if you ask young people, anime is one of the most recognized film styles. Even so, many still have the opinion that it holds no educational value or it is simply ‘entertainment for kids’.

In this article, we’ll discuss why and how this isn’t the case. Anime is much more than kids’ materials. It’s material rich with topics, subjects, and has great educational value that many schools in the world are already recognizing.

Why Japanese Anime?

Japanese anime is a trending topic with young people like students these days. Educators often encourage students to tackle topics of interest on a worldwide level, which makes anime a frequently read subject in essays and college research papers these days. So when writing an essay about anime, students can learn from samples on the topic or ask for help with it. This will provide them with the information and expertise they need to tackle the topic, and might even boost their interest in researching it further.

Schools around the world have already acknowledged the positive impact of Japanese anime. Some of them entertain the students and reduce their stress. Others teach them important valuable lessons. And of course, there are the ones that boost their skills and help them improve an aspect of their life.

Ways in Which Anime is Good for Students

Here are the top ways in which Anime offers educational value to those who watch them.

1. Hard Work

Take a minute to think of Dragon Ball Z, one of the most popular Anime shows in the world. In these movies, Goku is a highly persistent person who does nothing but try to get faster, smarter, better and stronger. Watching such a character gives students an example of how important it is to work hard and try if you want to get the results you need.

Some other examples of Anime movies that teach the importance of hard work are:

· Moritaka Mashiro in Bakuman

· Saitama in Punch Man

· Ippo in Hajime No Ippo

2. Lessons about Japan

Since these originate in Japan, there’s a lot to learn in Anime movies about the country, its language and its culture. Plenty of the locations in the movies are a representation of real places in Japan. People’s beliefs and behaviors are painted in the behaviors of the characters.

The best thing about this is that you can learn a bit of Japanese by watching it. The movies usually come with subtitles. Those who watch anime often can easily recognize some words and phrases in the language after a while and have a better understanding of Japanese culture.

For example, in the movies, you can see details like traditions, dress codes, celebrations, as well as how the streets and towns are laid out in Japan.

3. Inclusivity

The Japanese culture is different from every other culture in the world, even though there are some similarities. Since the anime shows teach viewers about the people in Japan, this is bound to make them more understanding, open to different behaviors and beliefs, and more inclusive in life.

These movies are a good example of human psychology, teaching students that not all people think or act the same, and that no fixed belief is above any other.

4. Real-life Lessons

Anime movies often come with some life lessons embedded in the storyline. They tell the stories of heroes who had a difficult life, or ordinary people who worked hard and achieved great results. In almost every anime story, you can find a real life lesson. 

For example, the A Silent Voice teaches the student of the importance of respecting their parents or the harm of bullying others. Flying Witch teaches them to be responsible. Fate Apocrypha teaches that life is what you make of it.

5. Self-confidence

Anime movies are known to boost the viewers’ confidence, and have shown great results in shy and introverted students. A lot of the shows are relatable with those who struggle with lack of self-confidence, and teaches them of way to overcome this challenge.

Some examples of shows that boost this skill are:

· My Hero Academia

· Best Student Council

· Love Live School Idol Project

· Assassination Classroom

Wrapping Up

Anime movies are becoming a bigger trend with every passing day. If you haven’t been watching this as part of the curriculum, this is a good time to start. They can teach many valuable lessons but more importantly – they are really fun to watch!

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