Do you love reading webcomics? Are you a creator and a platform for your comics to call home? Then check out this piece explaining more about the WEBTOON platform and how it has served me over the years.

Known as one of the world’s largest digital comics platforms, WEBTOON was launched in 2004 by South Korea’s equivalent of Google, NAVER, as a platform for professional and amateur comic creators to showcase their original work. In 2014, the English platform launched, allowing American comic creators access. For the past seven years, the WEBTOON platform has expanded to include French, Indonesian, German, and Japanese languages.

As the leading pioneer in webcomics, WEBTOON has revolutionized the comics industry by encouraging new generations of professional and amateur comic creators to publish via their self-publishing platform, CANVAS. To self-publish via CANVAS, comic creators must first create an account with WEBTOON and follow the next steps: visit the publish page, select a genre, name your series, upload a thumbnail, write a series description, and submit your first episode. Within minutes, you can reach millions of subscribers, and if your series receives the right amount of attention, you can receive compensation through the WEBTOON CANVAS Creator Rewards Program. Based on the performance of your series, you can earn up to one hundred to a thousand dollars from WEBTOON. And, no matter what, you will keep ownership of your series. 

Some CANVAS creators, like the Bitsy Artist and the Purpah, gained so much popularity they were enlisted as ORIGINAL creators by WEBTOON. So, if you are a current comic creator on CANVAS or have a comic you want to publish, have confidence that your comic could be an ORIGINAL with hard work and good publicity! For more tools to help you become a quality creator, check out the WEBTOON Academy.

I am not a comic creator, but I am a big comic fan, and WEBTOON has fed my greedy obsession for the past three years. For me, it was 2019 when I was introduced to WEBTOON. I was browsing through the app store and eventually came across their app. Usually, I’m oddly particular about what I download onto my phone. Most of my phone space consisted of dating simulators, but we’ll get into that later ♥️ 

But WEBTOON aligned with what I was interested in at the time, plus it was free, so I downloaded it and was amazed at the variety this app provided. I loved that WEBTOON offered different genres such as fantasy, action, romance, sci-fi, horror, slices of life, and more. Plus, I was instantaneously offered a juicy selection of ORIGINALS and CANVAS comics created by professional and amateur comic creators, exposing me to all different types of intrinsic storytelling. As I delved deeper into the app, I found many favorites over the years and even connected with some comic artists, including one I still call a friend today. 

Now, there are a lot of individual comics on WEBTOON, and if you’re particular like me, you may have difficulty sorting out what to read. You could end up browsing for hours before you find a comic that suits your fancy. So my advice would be to ask yourself what you are looking for in a comic. 

Are you interested in a particular art style? Focus on the thumbnail. It will likely showcase the style of the series. 

Are you interested in a specific genre? Simply select the genre you want in-app, and WEBTOON will showcase a variety of comics under that genre. 

Have trouble deciding on what to read first? Consider making a list of your favorite titles.

WEBTOON, however, can test my patience sometimes. For example, WEBTOON ORIGINALS are typically refreshed with a new episode once a week, whereas CANVAS creations depend entirely on the creator’s schedule. If you fall head over heels for a series, you must develop patience because new episodes will likely only be published once a week, and there are only so many series on WEBTOON that you can binge in one sitting. There is also a chance a series will go on hiatus. Yes, this can be devastating if you’ve fallen for the series, but please remember that the human being producing the comic you love has a life beyond what’s on WEBTOON. Be kind, considerate, and patient.

You can buy coins to fast-pass publicly unavailable ORIGINALS episodes, but if you’re a broke college student like me, you may be hesitant to make such a purchase. Luckily, WEBTOON will occasionally have events where readers can earn free coins, so keep an eye out for such events, and you’ll rack up coins in no time. For these events, typically, all you have to do is binge some episodes of the latest webcomics. 

There are also series that require Daily Passes to read. As implied by the name, Daily Passes are provided once a day, which means you can only read a single episode of a series per day. Yet another way WEBTOON continues to test my patience and keep me hooked. Examples of comic series that require Daily Passes include the WEBTOON ORIGINALS Trapped, The Duke’s Cursed Charm, Sweet Home, My Dear Cold-Blooded King, and How to Survive a Romance Fantasy. Yes, the titles have you drooling, but please keep reading. I am almost done. 

Overall, is WEBTOON worth downloading? Yes. Yes, it is. Do I believe you have the power to binge read entire series? Yes. Yes, I do. But ultimately, it is up to you to decide if you want to delve into the world of webcomics. I think it’s a worthwhile, wild ride for the imagination, but I’ll let you be the judge. Download WEBTOON today, and comment below what series you plan to read. If you have any unanswered questions or want recommendations, comment down below.

Next time, I’ll be interviewing the author of the new WEBTOON ORIGINAL, Nonesuch, so stay tuned to learn about her journey as a comic artist and writer.