Grand Amnis has never felt more alive: A bustling all-new area features trendy shops, a tranquil river, and chatty townsfolk. But a peaceful day of exploring turns sour when Iris enters a mysterious shop – only to meet a terrifying new enemy. Facing down this fierce swordsman may unlock untold treasures, a few worthwhile memories – and even some fashionable new outfits for Iris. 

“Meister’s Abyss” – part of the free update released today – introduces a special survival mode where players face wave after wave of ever-more-challenging enemies while allowing for loadout upgrades between each wave. Players may also summon other characters from the story (including Iris) to fight alongside them. This brand-new mode will be available for those players who have achieved Meister rank (completed Chapter 23). It’s now possible to replay previously completed missions as well – a surefire way to improve scores. Bonus: The highly-anticipated English voiceover will be available as a free update in early 2023!

Key Features:

  • Bustling new area: Explore beautiful new shops and alleyways – now accessible after completing Chapter Five.
  • Intriguing side story: Experience danger, humor, and an unexpected twist!
  • Fresh boss battle: Face a mysterious swordsman and live to tell the tale.
  • Iris’ fashion journey: With more than 50 different combinations of outfits and headwear, you can personalize Iris’ clothes to your heart’s content!

“The Warrior and the Tailor” DLC is now available on the Meta Quest Store, Oculus Rift Store, and Steam VR for $5.99. The full game retails for $34.99. Cross-buy is supported between the Meta Quest and Oculus Rift Stores.