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Maui, also known as Maui-tikitiki-a-Taranga and more, is the Polynesian demigod hero. His antics were often for the benefit of humans. His ability to shapeshift and his magical hook helped shape the world and make life easier for us. He truly loved the human race.

As stated, Maui was a demigod. His father is Makeatutara, guardian of the Underworld, and his mother is Makeatutara’s mortal wife, Taranga. His brothers are Maui-taha, Maui-roto,Maui-pae, and Maui-waho. His sister is Hinauri. His wife is named Rohe. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any mention of kids.

Depending on where in the Polynesian lands you are looking at Maui, he almost always had either a fish hook made out of or the actual jawbone from his grandmother. Either way, it is a powerful relic. He and his brothers went all over having fun and helping their fellow man. It wasn’t that way at first. Maui’s mother, after his birth, tied him to her top knot and threw him into the ocean. Saved and cared for by his grandfather, he returned to his family finally and was not recognized by his brothers. Once familial ties were finally settled that he was their brother, they were as thick as thieves.

Maui did many things to help humanity. One thing he did was raise the sky. Maui saw how low the sky was and that people could not walk upright, and plants could not grow. People were miserable and hungry, so Maui raised the sky. Stories differ from place to place, but they agree he raised the sky. Maui also gave the world the Polynesian Islands by fishing them up from the ocean floor. While shaping our world more, Maui slowed down the sun. Maui beat the sun so badly that it still limps across the sky today. Why, you ask? The sun traveled too fast and didn’t give humans enough time in the day to do everything.

Maui also gave humans fire. Once he learned the secrets of fire from a particular hen, he brought it to humankind. Maui’s final act, on behalf of humans, was to help us, as well as himself, have immortality. He planned to pass through Hine-nui-te-po from womb to mouth, taking her heart as he passed while she slept. He had brought companions, either animals or his brothers, who were to keep a lookout. As Maui was finishing his quest and coming out of her mouth, one of his companions made a noise, waking Hine-nui-te-po. The noise caused her to wake and crush Maui in her mouth.

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