We are in some boring storyline set up to be perfectly honest. It has to happen, but you almost want it to happen on a web series, or in some bonus content so the last of the show can be exciting. It’s focusing a lot on characters I don’t at all care about. Carol’s plan worked to make a deal with Pamela, she gets someone to take the fall, can clear Sebastian’s name, and Carol and friends have a chance to escape. Daryl doesn’t exactly trust the plan but goes along with it because he trusts Carol.

Now with Hornsby in custody she tells him that she is not approving of the moves he has been making and is in some real trouble now. Back at the station she parades out that she has captured Hornsby and how he is the real culprit, which can help take the pressure off Sebastian. Jerry, Aaron, Lydia and Elijah volunteer to be the first wave to head back to their communities with supplies. They plan to check in with Oceanside first. Daryl and Judith are talking and Daryl offers Judith her gun back but she doesn’t want it. She doesn’t like the idea of leaving everyone and giving up on the people of Commonwealth, she doesn’t want to take the gun knowing what that means. Ezekiel also isn’t in love with the idea and tells Carol that he plans to stay, perhaps he can start another revolution.

Back behind the scenes at Milton’s place, Pamela is planning how to damage control Sebastian’s situation. She wants him to pull into the fact of who his grandfather is. Max thinks the speech is absolutely terrible, and Pamela tells him he needs to fix things, she leaves and Max stays to talk with Sebastian. She plays him, tries to get him to relax a bit while she records the conversation, he unloads so much bad information, trashing the entire place. At the founders day celebration, Max and Eugene plot to play his confession on the loud speaker. He talks about how the system is rigged, the poor stay poor so the rich can have everything, that his mother actually picks the lottery winner every year and that’s rigged too. It creates mass chaos understandably and Eugene and Max try to escape while Sebastian follows. Meanwhile, Hornsby organized problems of his own from inside his cell, having his employees kill a bunch of workers to make them walkers and come out during the celebration. This understandably creates even more problems.

Cailey Fleming as Judith – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 18 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC

The people of Commonwealth are pretty useless in these situations. Just running around screaming, getting eaten, just watching. Mercer and his soldiers go to help the people which upsets Pamela because she believed Mercer’s job was to protect only her. Sebastian is able to track down Max, and throws her into a walker, while they are fighting, Eugene comes and body checks the walker into Sebastian. Who tries to fight it off and fails, nobody in the crows helps him, and the walker eventually bites him in the neck, while the crowd is watching on, Judith shoots the walker in the head to the shock of the crowd, shortly after getting the gun back from Daryl saying the people need their help.

Teo Rapp-Olsson as Sebastian – The Walking Dead _ Season 11, Episode 18 – Photo Credit: Jace Downs/AMC