Let me tell you, I was thrilled when I knew for sure Hocus Pocus 2 was coming out. I watched Hocus Pocus when I was a kid and fell in love with it. I, of course, watched with my kids as they grew and made fans of them too. So watching Hocus Pocus 2 was a family event. I am sure some Gen Z and Generation Alpha may not have seen the magic of the original movie, so bringing the same characters back to the new generations excites me.

Opening the movie, we see Winifred, Mary, and Sarah as adolescents and see how much they mean to each other. Despite the seeming abuse Winnie doles out to her sisters, they are so important to her, and she would do anything to keep them together. Now you might be wondering, how the hell did they come back? They exploded into dust at the end of the last movie. I will not give away the specifics, but there was a second black flame candle. It brought them back.

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Of course, they had the same amount of time, one night, trying to stay here permanently. Dani, Allison, Max, and Binx did not make an appearance. New kids were trying to stop the sisters played by Whitney Peak (Becca), Belissa Escobedo (Izzy), and Lilia Buckingham (Cassie). Some elements tied this film to the original, but the story was new too.

My child Jordan was super stoked that we watched Hocus Pocus 2 because Hocus Pocus is one of their favorite movies. They said of watching the movie, “I thought it was fabulous. My favorite part was when Winnie looked in someone’s house, and the original movie was playing.” My son Jacks says,” It was good. My favorite part was Billy at the festival.” The love of my life said it was great and that he loved the bonus scenes.

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There was, of course, a musical number. It’s Disney and Bette Midler. So, of course, there was music. There was singing at the beginning of the movie, which had me bouncing, but the big musical number was in the middle. Again, the adult was put under a spell. I was wiggling in my seat with giddiness. I am not sure how I feel about the end. Part of me was happy for the sisters, and part of me was disappointed because I wanted an ending a little more like the original. However, it was a good ending. It fits the movie. Overall I enjoyed the film immensely.

Have you seen the movie yet? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle.