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Da Ji, also spelled Daji, also known as Su Da Ji, is a beautiful woman from Chinese legends. Her family name is Su, her style name is Da, and her clan name is Ji. She isn’t a goddess, but her story has been told since at least the 16th century. At least in written form that the whole world could read. I am very sure her story was being told in China long before that. According to the stories, she was a nine-tailed fox and was after immortality.

Daji’s father is Su Hu, king of the Yousu state. There is no mention of her mother or any siblings. In some stories, she is a nine-tailed fox that took the place of Daji. Daji’s husband is King Zhou of Shang. Zhou was unhinged. When Zhou conquered the state of Yousu, he took Daji as a prize and withdrew from Yousu.

In the stories, Daji, the nine-tailed fox one, is just as sick and twisted as her husband. Possibly more so. However, in the stories, she was sent by Nu Wa to bring down Zhou’s rule. Her reward would be immortality. Nevertheless, Zhou became utterly enamored with Daji and did her bidding without question. This was his downfall. He built her a zoo because she loved animals. Because she loved music with sexual overtones, he hired artists, dancers, and musicians to create for her. He ignored all the things a ruler should take care of, and his kingdom started to suffer.

After a time, Daji wanted to see torment and carnage, and Zhou indulged in this desire. She had a farmer’s feet cut off, a pregnant woman’s belly cut open, and a minister’s heart cut out. That is just the tip of the ice burg. She loved torture and executions. She even came up with a way to cause suffering and execute someone with astounding cruelty called a paolao. It is a bronze cylinder that was heated until extremely hot. The bound prisoner was then put inside to bake to death.

Given her propensity for violence, Daji makes perfect sense as a fighter in this game. She is ruthless, and I bet she takes out her opponents without prejudice. What do you think of Daji’s story? Have you played her? Let me know in the comments below. Until next time, have fun storming the castle!