Is The Big Brother Phone Game Worth Trying?

Thanks to technology everything is going digital now, even our favorite reality TV shows like Big Brother. With the introduction of the Big Brother Game, you can now get a chance to participate in the show without going to an actual house or revealing your identity.

The new Big Brother game promises a lot of prizes and interesting gameplay where you’ll get a chance to be involved in a virtual reality of Big Brother all through your phone or computer.

Since this game is causing a buzz in the community, the odds Big Brother game is conquering your attention are high. So, let’s find out whether it is worth downloading or not.

Playing Big Brother Game

Big Brother: The Game is available on any platform imaginable. You can play it on your phone by downloading it through App Store or Google Play or download it straight to your PC.

The most important thing you should understand is how you can play the game. The Big Brother Game allows you to get yourself involved in two different ways. You can either choose to be a contestant or a spectator.

The spectator mode is always free and Spectators can tune in at any time and watch all the participants involved in the game. Once you choose to be a spectator, you immediately get access to the House live, where you can chat with other spectators, participate in Public Votes, and socialize and play in the Green room. Later on, spectators can audition to become Houseguests for free.

On the other hand, Contestants must purchase a token or successfully audition in order to enter the Big Brother house.


If you want to become a Big Brother contestant in the game, bud doesn’t want to spend any money, you can do that by auditioning in the Green Room and telling the Sponsors why you would make a good fit as a houseguest.

Contestants can sponsor auditions using one of their tokens, and each time the person they have sponsored wins a Tier, the sponsor earns an additional token and 100 bb cash. 

Competition Levels

Similarly to the show, the Big Brother game is constructed by competition tiers and in order to get crowned from your House and enter the next Tier House, you must survive all evictions.

If you get evicted, you’ll get a chance to re-enter the Tier you’ve been evicted from or start again from a Tier 1 House.

In the Big Brother game, there are 7 Tiers of Houses and each tier has its own unique House design and Twists.

If you manage to survive all evictions and climb up to the top and be crowned a Tier 7 house winner, you’ll win the prize of up to $1,000,000 in real cash and experience fame.


The voting process is very similar to the Big Brother reality TV show, and it is constructed by three different parts, The housemate Votes, Public Votes, and Jury Votes.

Housemate Votes

Houseguests have a chance to vote on which nominee to evict from the House. It is really important to understand that nominees cannot participate in the voting process. If there is a tie, the head of the house decides who is leaving the house.

Public Votes

When it comes to the public votes, any spectator may cast 1 vote to evict a person from the house. Public votes can be cast while the public votes are open. In order to prevent fraud, there is a complex fraud detection system.

Jury Votes

Every time a houseguest is evicted from the House, they must rank their Housemates in order of preference. 

This is important for choosing the House winner, and every time the house winner is chosen, Big Brother will reveal the Jury voting results. 


One of the best things about the Big Brother game is that it is really close to real life. You get a chance to create your own character and adjust every attribute in order to create the perfect avatar. The customization of your character is incredible offering you plenty of options to rock that memorable look.

While in the house, you get a chance to make friends and allies through a public chat with text, GIF, voice, image, or secret DM messaging.

Each participant has to fill out background info that is easily accessible through their profile. Additionally, there are many competitions that will keep you busy and provide you with entertainment while you play or watch all the participants in the house.

This is a revolutionary game that gives a chance to everyone that likes to participate in the show, and also offers a huge $1 million prize money for the winner. Basically, this game is like Sims but playing with real people and competing for the ultimate prize.