As San Diego Comic-Con approached, there was no doubt that the most anticipated panel of the weekend was Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power. Amazon’s most expensive series drops this September. A mega LOTR fan, Stephen Colbert, hosted the Hall H Panel, where a new trailer dropped for Rings of Power. The panel opened with a full-on orchestral intro and had to split the cast going on stage in groups due to the size of it.

Lord of the Rings: Rings of Power Trailer

Patton Oswalt also hosted a live stream with some of the cast of the show. You can watch the replay of the stream on youtube [link]. Morfydd Clark (Galadriel), Charles Edwards (Celebrimbor), Cynthia Addai-Robinson (Queen Regent Miriel), Trystan Gravelle (Pharazôn), Maxim Baldry (Isildur), Lloyd Owen (Elendil), Ema Horvath (Eärien), and Leon Wadham (Kemen) were all there to answer questions regarding their first Hall H panel, watching the fans react to the trailer, and filming. 

The series premiers on Sept 2nd. It will follow the events of Middle Earth thousands of years before the events of The Hobbit. It will show us times of relative peace, the rise of the Dark Lord Sauron, the fall of Numenor, the forging of the Ring of Power, and the last alliance of men and elves. All based on the appendices of The Lord of the Rings.

I, for one, am excited about this series. LOTR Trilogy is one of my favorite things ever to be made, and this series looks EPIC. I am most excited to see young Galadriel and the rise of Sauron. What are you excited about?