Source: Bramble: The Mountain King | Official Steam Page

Please note this game is listed as being 18+ due to depictions of violence and gore.

Bramble: The Mountain King is a “grim adventure game” inspired by the dark yet enchanting tales of Nordic folklore. Explore the beautiful landscape of forests and greenery, however be cautious of the twisted creatures that wait for their next meal. In an endeavor to save your sister from dreaded trolls, explore the beauty of Bramble and survive encounters with the many hideous creatures.

Players take the role of Olle, a young boy who sets off to rescue his sister. But he must be careful, as not everything as it seems – in this world of big and small, anything and everything can be friend or foe. Pick your battles wisely and choose who to trust.

But Olle is not alone. Using the Spark of Courage, he may be granted gifts to overcome even the greatest foes. However, he must remember that courage without kindness can lead down a dark and lonely path.

Other Features Include:

  • A gripping single-player experience.
  • Beautiful yet haunting landscapes to explore.
  • Epic-scale boss battles inspired by Nordic folklore.
  • Tense, heart-pounding moments with hi-end visuals to match.

Bramble: The Mountain King was originally set to be released in 2022, however has now been pushed back for 2023. It will be released on PC, Xbox and Playstation. For more information, find the official website here.

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