It was recently announced that Jedi: Fallen Order would be getting a sequel, but what about other Star Wars games. Here are four Star Wars games that could use a follow-up:

Star Wars Bounty Hunter: Coming out almost 20 years ago, Bounty Hunter followed Jango Fett, father of Boba Fett, just before the events of Attack of the Clones. There was the canceled video game Star Wars 1313 that would have played similar to Bounty Hunter and starred Boba Fett, but why not a straight sequel either following Jango again or potential Boba or even the Mandolorian from the Disney Plus series. A co-op game in the vein of the Army of Two series starring Boba and the Mandolarian leading into the Force Awakens might be fun.

Star Wars Demolition: Another 20-year-old star wars game that received a generally lackluster reception when it came out in 2000 but could have the potential for a revival. It was basically Twisted Metal set in the Star Wars universe with many iconic vehicles, including a pod racer, a snow speeder, and even a rancor. Twenty years later, there is potential for even more vehicles. What about a space dogfight mode featuring iconic star wars spaceships like Millenium Falcon, Vader’s Tie Fighter, and Slave I?

Star Wars Jedi Power Battles: Another game from the prequel era which followed the events of Episode I allowing you to play either solo or co-op as a small cast of Jedi. The potential to expand both the cast and the story to include more Jedi and maybe the entire prequel storyline is there. Maybe even up the co-op players from 2 to 4

Star Wars Master of Teras Kasi: Generally regarded as one of the worst star wars games Master of Teras Kasi doesn’t necessarily need a sequel so much as a redo. The idea of a Star Wars fighting game is definitely appealing and could be done well. Since Teras Kasi Star Wars characters have appeared in the Soul Calibur franchise, so why not a Soul Calibur vs. Star Wars game or even just a straight Star Wars fighting game from the same studio. With Disney owning both Star Wars and Marvel, there is also potential for a Star Wars vs. Marvel fighting game

Those are some Star Wars games that could use a revival. What Star Wars game sequel would you like to see? Let us know in the comments.