If you were born before 1990, there’s a high possibility that you still have vivid memories of sitting in front of the family computer and playing jigsaw puzzles. It was an easy and fun way to spend leisure time. Back then, it was next to hard to imagine a world where jigsaw puzzles would be replaced by new forms of games —after all, they’re so simple and fun.

But now that cloud gaming has taken the gaming world by storm, people are starting to wonder if jigsaws will become obsolete. In this article, we’ll answer that question by exploring why jigsaw puzzles have been around for so long and how cloud gaming is likely to change everything about them.

For Decades, Jigsaw Puzzles Were the Only Way to Enjoy Visual Brain Teasers

For many years, jigsaw puzzles were the only way to enjoy visual brain teasers. You’d sit down with a family member or friend and attempt to assemble a 500-piece puzzle in order to relax, pass their time, or have fun. 

Then the internet era arrived, where people shifted to online jigsaw games. Many jigsaw puzzle lovers explore the various websites to play free online jigsaw puzzles. They still derive pleasure from trying to solve a puzzle. 

However, cloud gaming is much more efficient and faster than jigsaw puzzles. This is because you can play it on your phone or PC from any location having internet connectivity. With cloud gaming, multiple people can join in at one place with their individual devices rather than crowding around one big table trying to fit all their pieces into one scene at once.

Cloud gaming enables everyone to see everything clearly without crowding around someone else’s laptop while everyone else watches them play.

And the best part? Cloud gaming is social. You can chat with other players while playing games no matter how far they are from you physically. This adds an exciting element that isn’t available when people try doing this type of thing face-to-face at home.

With the Advent of Cloud Gaming, a New World Has Opened Up for Game Lovers

With the emergence of cloud gaming, a whole new world has opened up for game lovers. Cloud-based gaming provides a massive library of games that you can access on any device and play with friends from anywhere in the world.

And that’s just the beginning. Cloud gaming offers numerous benefits: it’s convenient, accessible, and affordable. Moreover, it allows you to play with your friends regardless of their location while staying in touch with them without leaving your home. Also, cloud gaming is a great way to relax after a long day at work or school.

Explore the Range of Games Available on Cloud Gaming Platforms to Get a Better Experience

If you’re looking for a more enriching experience than conventional jigsaw puzzles, explore various games available on cloud gaming platforms. Some games involve multi-players, while others are single-player. Some games are puzzles, and others are action or strategy games. 

Some can only be played on a particular platform like an iPad or Xbox One X; others can be played on any system with internet access—not just a computer but also smart TVs and smartphones.

Cloud Gaming Combines Elements of Strategy, Role-Playing, and Action Games

Cloud gaming is a game development technique that enables the execution of games on remote servers instead of locally. This means that instead of installing large files before you can play the game, you can immediately begin your experience as soon as you log in to a cloud service. The advantages are obvious: it’s faster and more efficient.

In the past decade or so, there has been a rise in inclination towards puzzle games—particularly jigsaw puzzles—because of their complexity and longevity. But some critics say they’re losing relevance in the cloud gaming era because they don’t enable players enough flexibility or freedom to express themselves creatively with gameplay as other genres do.


After much consideration, it’s safe to say both jigsaw puzzles and cloud gaming are here to stay. While the two differ much in many aspects, they both hold relevance to their respective players.

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way to clear your mind as they help you relax and unwind after a long day. They can be used as a form of entertainment or to help develop your brain by exercising them. On the other hand, cloud gaming aims to offer an extremely personalized and enriching gaming experience for the players while offering higher flexibility than jigsaw puzzles.