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Esports: The Most Popular Videogames for Gamers

Video gaming has been changing rapidly over the past years. Today, the most popular games out there are those that bring you joy out of playing them with your friends or excelling at them. Large video gaming communities are formed around many popular games, and it’s that community that drives people to outperform others. Video gamers are all about “bragging rights,” the “I told you so,” which seers into your opponent as the ultimate taunt. Well, there are many video games where people can excel today, and we take a look at all of them right now. Whether you are looking for some of the best Triple-A titles or want more live roulette offers, we are quite sure you will find our suggestions below to be worth your while. Let’s have a look.


Overwatch is a brilliant game that exceeds all expectations. The game was released as a sort of a mix between a fantasy game and a shooter. You still have your aiming and reflexes to rely on, but the action is amped up by the variety of abilities you can use to inflict pain on others or protect your teammates. In fact, Overwatch is a unique game created by Blizzard that enjoys millions of gamers online. Even though it’s a paid title, it’s still one of the leading video games for gamers out there. The game has even spawned the Overwatch League, a massive in-person event that reunites some of the best gamers from the world in physical locations to play in front of thousands of fans live. The game has a light and relaxed pace, and that is precisely what makes it so popular with the majority of gamers out there. 

Age of Empires IV

We have been waiting for a great real-time strategy to come back, and thanks to Microsoft and Relic Entertainment, we finally have it. This new iteration of the Age of Empires series is a brilliant continuation, and even though some of the game’s authenticity has been dropped for the sake of functionality (check the HUD), the game is still one of the best RTS we have had in a very long time. Not only that, but Age of Empires IV is actually a competitive title. This means that the more skill you have, the better you would perform in the game, making it a lot more fun to play. But don’t worry – even if you are not a competitive-minded person, there are many other things to try and do in Age of Empires IV, including the brilliant and educational campaign that we are fairly certain you would not turn down.


Valorant is another brilliant game. The first-person shooter by Riot Games is a true champion of gender equality as it has created a competitive format that is equally focused on male and female gamers. This allows the game to attract a diverse audience and create a level playing field for all. There is something else. When the game was first released, Riot Games said that they would not interfere with its natural progression. In other words, Riot Games are only interested to see their game progress naturally, that is, through fan engagement. Well, the game has succeeded. It’s a sort of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive title that has exceeded and beat all expectations, and it’s well worth playing. 

League of Legends

League of Legends is another brilliant game that is a defining moment in video gaming. It’s massive in terms of the active player base, and if you ever wanted to feel like a true gamer and a member of a million-strong community, League of Legends is the game to go straight to. Players are very welcome to explore this MOBA title in its entirety and play it casually or competitively. There are tournaments with million-worth prize pools to incentivize you into becoming a pro. The question is – can you?