If you’re a gamer, you have probably experienced lag at some point. If you don’t know what lag is, the frame rates drop, and your game slows way down and looks like it’s glitching. It is frustrating. Sometimes the lag is server-side, meaning it is the game’s fault. Other times, it is your computer that can be hardware problems. Lucky for you, my husband AJ is a gamer and a computer geek. He is going to use his experiences to help me explain to you how to game smoothly.

For the hard-core gamer, you are going to want a good internet speed. First, it has to be able to handle all that data. AJ recommends at least 50 gigs download speed. Next is that being hard-wired is best for not dropping out. Unfortunately, there isn’t a lot to be done for disconnects.

Source GamerSpace.com

Now for the hardware. Every gamer wants the best of the best hardware for the smoothest game and the latest games. Unfortunately, that isn’t always possible. This is what my husband recommends and uses himself. 32 gigs of ram are great. A definite must is a newer graphics card. AJ uses the Nvidia GTX 3050. You need SSD or NVME drives that are 500 gigs or more. Another must is a monitor that can handle 144 Hz. AJ says Asus or Samsungs are good ones. An absolute must is a good processor that can handle everything. He recommended AMD Rizen 7 or above.

Finally, you need to worry about your in-game settings. Make sure the graphic settings allow for 60 fps or more in the game settings. You will find that in the video or graphics option in the menus. Another big one in those options is turning off motion blur. It can lag out your system.

I hope this helps. If you have any questions, put them in the comments below, and I will get you the answer. I trust him because he takes care of all my computer and game needs. So until next time, have fun storming the castle!