Does Your Favorite Game Genre Match Your Characteristics?

Gaming enthusiasts have a wide range of games to choose from. However, many believe that the game genre is associated with your personal traits. According to the experts at World Sports Network, the mobile gaming experience has improved through the years. But there has not been any significant research that shows a clear correlation between the game and the person’s characteristics. When you analyze the game, the demographics, and the characteristics of that audience, you will come to a remarkable conclusion.


Gamers of any age and personality will enjoy playing platformers. This type of game might be the first time you try gaming. Popular games such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario fall in this category. These games are best to navigate through, making it more straightforward for kids to learn them. However, winning was quite challenging. These games are a mix of experiences, fusing action, puzzles, and adventure. The platformers don’t require any thinking or solving problems. They are pretty simple but highlight the challenges during the game. 

First-Person Shooter

This type of game usually includes violent aspects, as the player will shoot with weapons. With apocalyptic and war-like scenes, these games aren’t pretty popular with elders and parents. However, we should consider the entertaining aspect of these games. After all, they don’t depict realistic scenery but are instead a great form of entertainment. Even though first-person shooters might have a bad reputation, they will stay as a great way to compete with friends. The leading target group for these games is young men. This type of game might indicate that the player is looking to compete and enjoy good fun.


The simulation games try to implement realistic elements in gaming. They revolve around imitating everyday life and events. The Sims is an excellent example of a simulation game. However, the games can provide a more tailored experience and be put in a specific category. Whether cooking or playing sports, there is a simulation game for every taste. The simulation games allow players to escape from everyday life and create their own world. This is one form of entertainment and relaxation that fades the worries from everyday life.


With being available in different variations, puzzle games are an absolute favorite for many. Solving a challenging puzzle makes you feel more confident and stronger. Even people who don’t consider themselves gamers are keen on a good puzzle game for entertainment. With this, many non-gamers will discover the positive aspects of gaming. Tetris is the most straightforward game ever, a great example of how puzzle games can suit any taste. 


The role-playing games are very versatile, with many different categories to choose from. In these games, you have complete control. You can manage a person, a team, or a business to the final goals. You will build up a strong team or person that will win through the game. Since these games involve your strategy skills, it is more likely to be played by intelligent people. Also, the player needs to be patient, as these games can also. You will see and feel the growth while getting rewarded for your progress. 


Action games can belong to different genres and contain other elements. Although the specific genre might define the personality, we can say a lot about a person that likes these games. Therefore, a person that loves playing action games loves to explore and learn more. They are curious and willing to experiment while showing their adventurous spirit.

Final thoughts

Although it depends on the specific category, a game genre can still reveal a lot about the player’s personality. If you love solving puzzles, you are likely a problem-solver. When you enjoy the good classic action games, you have an adventurous spirit. Gamers that love simulation games want to have full control over their world.