Maestro Media and Alex Clark, in association with Studio71, officially announced the upcoming Sugar Heist: Crib of Thievesan expand-alone expansion of the massively popular candy-stealing card game Sugar Heist, coming to Kickstarter this October.

“We’ve seen huge success utilizing crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter to not only add additional components to games, but as an authentic way for fans to contribute to the development of the final product as well,” said Javon Frazier, Founder and CEO of Maestro Media. “Alex and the original game both have massive fanbases, so it was important to all of us to ensure they had a say in what the expand-alone would look and play like.”

A card game that teaches you a lesson: stealing candy from babies comes at a price, Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves is a quick to learn, family-friendly card game where players collect, trade, and steal candy cards. Created by Alex Clark, the comedian and animator behind his self-titled YouTube channel (4.3M subscribers), and Zach Craley, notable TV writer (Heroes Reborn, Marvel’s Avengers Assemble, and Spider-Man), Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves can be played on its own or mixed in with the original game to create even more great gameplay opportunities!  

“With candy being the main theme of the game, we wanted to find a way to incorporate that into the overall campaign, and decided what better way than with an October Trick or Treat-themed Kickstarter,” said Alex Clark. “As an extra incentive for those who are looking to back the game, we’re offering two exclusive pre-commit cards you’re not going to want to miss out on!”

Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves features 160 brand new cards to enhance and expand the game including new vault cards that add unique scoring multipliers, new accessory cards to play to help protect the vaults and steal even more candy from others, as well as new candies to add even more variety to the game. Execute your strategies and plan your next move. Beg, barter, steal and battle your way to supremacy in this wacky set collecting game. 

Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves will launch on Kickstarter this October, with retail and additional distribution plans already in the works.

Fans who sign up and pre-commit early to the campaign will receive two additional exclusive cards for the game. To learn more about Sugar Heist: Crib of Thieves and to sign up for updates, please visit