Here at The Game Of Nerds, we value our readers, of course, but we also take tremendous pride in our amazing writers as well. Without the work of our writers, we wouldn’t have much content to bring you nor would we have such a massive community. When TGON first started on Tumblr, a lot of writers wanted to be published but were too afraid to put their names to their work. Our mission to give writers and fans a safe place to write and talk about the things they love in the nerd world is what has made our website a huge success. Our writers come from everywhere and have all kinds of different lifestyles and interests. We have parents, students of all ages, new writers, and even professional writers from large-scale entertainment sites like CNN and Forbes. Over the past eight years, we’ve been lucky to have over 200 authors walk through our doors to publish and contribute to the nerd world. The Game of Nerds reaches nearly 2 Million people each month and publishes new articles multiple times a day. So what’s stopping you?

We believe in our authors so much that we want to help them grow well beyond TGON. We are happy to be stepping stones in authors’ and journalists’ careers. One way, we do this is by offering no publishing fees to regular contributing staff members. Most websites will require a monthly fee, specific topics, metrics, etc. We don’t. If you are nerdy and a writer, we’ve got a space for you. We have helped many of our writers reach other jobs in the entertainment industry. We can help you build a portfolio you can be proud of and give you experience in writing for an actual entertainment website. This includes writing for deadlines, pitching topics, and even learning the basics of WordPress. We also can help with editing so that your articles shine and you put your best foot forward. Another perk of being on TGON’s writing team is that authors get to choose their topics. We do not assign or force writers to cover topics they aren’t interested in. We firmly believe that when a writer is passionate about the subject they are writing about, the content is truly amazing. Since there are so many possible nerd topics to choose from, putting out a variety of content is doable to show range. We have writers who like to change their topics each week and writers who are very specific. The best part is, that you get to have fun while doing so. Catch up on your favorite fandom, watch the new movie, play the game of your choice, and use it all for your writing. Some other perks include convention passes, interviewing your favorite actors/creators, and even meeting other nerds.

If you or someone you know might be a good fit for The Game of Nerds writing team, you can find all the details about working for us here. You can also click here to contact us if you have a question, comment, or want to tell a writer you love their work. You can also do it in the comment section of their article, they will appreciate it I promise. Come write for us, and let us help you reach your writing dreams.