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The newest patch update for MMORPG Final Fantasy XIV comes this week. With it, fans receive a whole new bunch of content, including new stories, new raids, and even a new PVP mode. This article aims to break down everything to be expected in the new update. All of the patch notes can be accessed, so this is a brief rundown on what players may want to look out for.

Any potential spoilers will be indicated.

New Main Story Content

Potential spoilers ahead – feel free to skip to the next section.

Source: FINAL FANTASY XIV Official Website

Following on from the final quest, ‘Endwalker,’ players can continue the story of their Warrior of Light through new content. What exactly this entails is anyone’s guess, given that all of the quests are marked as question marks. However, the trailer has some clues as to what players can expect.

Return to your adventuring roots with new dungeons and areas to explore – no doubt with new challenges to test your reflexes.

There are additionally new role quests players can take. These follow on from previous role quests that players took from the Endwalker expansion, and those have to be finished first. Players have to have finished the Endwalker expansion and have job roles to level 90 before doing these.

New Raids

Source: FINAL FANTASY XIV | Official Website

In the trailer, new raids have been shown to be added after the new patch, known as Myths of the Realm – with some characters that were seen previously making a reappearance alongside new characters.

A New PVP Mode

Source: FINAL FANTASY XIV | Official Website

While Rival Wings has been temporarily disabled while balancing is corrected, a new PVP mode called Crystalline Conflict has been announced. It puts two teams to the test to maintain control over a crystal, which must be transported during battle. The aim is to transport the crystal and move it from the center to the goal point.

Teams can have up to five players. These new modes also have their own maps, which can be seen on the website. This mode is available after level 30 to all players. Currently, there are casual, custom, and ranked matches. Casual is for single players, the custom is for a group, and ranked is what goes toward your PVP ranking. A more detailed description of this new mode can be found on the official website in the patch notes.

The Adventurer Plate (Beta Version)

Source: FINAL FANTASY XIV | Official Website

Players will be able to make personalized calling cards for their characters. These showcase your character, class, and additional information. It also allows players to adjust portraits and really give your card the personality of your Warrior of Light. Other players can see someone else’s Adventurer Plate, though this feature can be turned off. Backgrounds, lighting, and patterns can also be customized for the plate.

Additional New Content:

  • A new housing area for players in Ishgard.
  • Additional craftables and new furniture.
  • New items are available for trade from NPCs in each Endwalker location.
  • More items can be exchanged in the Gold Saucer for MGP.
  • New hairstyle options for Viera and Hrothgar characters.
  • Duty Support Systems have been updated to allow players to main scenario duties with NPCs.
  • New emotes have been added.
  • Changes to animations for crafting, gathering, and treasure maps.
  • Additional mounts, minions, and barding.
  • ‘Dreamfitting,’ which allows players to try on items from the FINAL FANTASY XIV online store.
Source: FINAL FANTASY XIV | Official Website

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